University-Sanctioned Student Travel                                 UPPS No. 05.06.03
Issue No. 2
Effective Date: 11/6/2007

                                                                                                Review: February 1 E4Y

                                                                                                Attachments I, II, III, IV, V





01.01  The purpose of this UPPS is to provide the university community and specifically, students and student organizations, with procedures and safety guidelines for student, student organization and sponsored program participant travel that is twenty-five or more miles away from campus, and is sanctioned by the University.


02.       DEFINITION


02.01  In this policy statement, university-sanctioned travel is defined as travel more than twenty-five miles away from campus, which occurs when any of the following applies:


a.   A Texas State University-San Marcos student organization or sponsored program plans to travel and the travel-related event is recognized by the University as professional, educational, or is one in which the student group is serving as a representative of the University;


b.   The travel is required by a student organization registered at Texas State;


c.   A faculty or staff member serving in her or his official capacity supervises the travel; or


d.   Institutional, departmental or organizational resources are used (includes university vehicles as well as financial resources).


03.       PROCEDURES


03.01  Students, student organizations and individuals participating in Texas State sponsored travel programs should take the following steps:


a.   If the program includes international travel, the faculty or staff member sponsoring the program should contact the International Office for guidance on additional procedures and policies that may be in effect.


b.   Complete the “Student Travel Form” (Attachment I) and submit a copy to the advising office that recognizes the travel, at least ten working days prior to the date of departure.


c.   Complete the “Student Group Travel List” (Attachment II).


d.   Complete the “Student Trip Release and Indemnity Form” (Attachment III) or form required by advising office or department for approval if the organization is not a Texas State intercollegiate athletic team. Note that Strutters and Cheerleaders are included as part of the intercollegiate athletic team but are not required to complete this form.


e.   Obtain photocopies of driver licenses and proof of liability insurance for all intended drivers and the Student Travel Safety Checklist (Attachment IV).


f.    Complete the “Authorization for Medical Treatment Form” for any travelers who are under eighteen years of age (Attachment V).


g.   Submit a copy of the driver’s license of each student who will operate one of the university-owned vehicles at any time during the trip to the Texas State Facilities Department for university approval at least ten working days prior to date of departure.


h.   Complete and submit copies of the forms listed in b., c., and d. above should be submitted to the organization’s advising office unless otherwise noted. Student organizations should also maintain copies of each of these forms.


i.    The driver of record should place the items listed in b. - e. above in the glove compartment of travel vehicles before departure.




04.01  Drivers


a.   Drivers must be at least eighteen years of age, with valid driver’s license and valid liability insurance or lease policy insurance.


b.   If a university-owned vehicle is used, all drivers must be university-approved drivers as defined in section 04.01 a. of UPPS No. 05.05.02.


c.   Specifically, a student driver is required to hold a valid driver’s license and have less than ten penalty points under the system set forth by UPPS 05.05.02. Also see Sections 03.01 e. and f. of the UPPS.


d.   No driver shall have consumed any alcoholic beverages or ingested any chemical substance (prescriptive or over-the-counter) that would impair her or his ability to operate a motor vehicle within twelve hours of operating a vehicle (Please refer to page 61 of the “Policies” section of the Texas State Student Handbook for more specific information regarding the university’s alcohol and drug policies).


e.   Drivers must carry copies of all pertinent Texas State travel documents listed in Section 03.01 of this UPPS.


04.02  Vehicle Use


a.   Smoking is not permitted in any university vehicles.


b.   The transporting or consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited during university-sanctioned travel.


c.   No student shall be required to use her or his personal vehicle to perform university-related activities.


04.03  Other Modes of Travel


Any Texas State students or student organizations approved for university-sanctioned travel by modes of transportation other than cars, vans, or personally operated vehicles (i.e., bus, train, airplane, etc.) must comply with all rules, regulations and requirements of the organizations, industries or groups providing such means of travel.




05.01  Any Texas State student traveling off-campus to university-related functions or activities is expected to be fully acquainted with the guidelines of the University’s “Student Travel Policy and Procedure Statement” which is available to each student for review in the Dean of Students Office, the Office of Campus Activities and Student Organizations (CASO), and the offices of all academic deans.  The University will hold each student and each student organization responsible for complying with these published policies and guidelines.  Additionally, students are expected to comply with all federal, state, and local laws as well as Texas State policies, in addition to the policies of any agency or organization to which the student travels. 


05.02  Any students involved in university-sanctioned travel who violate the Texas State travel policy are subject to disciplinary action notwithstanding any action taken by appropriate authorities because of the violations. This includes conduct which is likely to have an adverse effect on the University.




06.01  This section contains guidelines that must be followed in the event of accidents involving university-sanctioned student travelers. Compliance with the requirements in this section is mandatory; the provisions contained herein constitute university policy and procedure.


a.   If an accident occurs which involves injuries to a university student, employee or any individual in any other vehicle, the highest priority is to summon emergency medical personnel to the accident scene immediately.


b.   Do not move anyone who is injured unless his or her safety is in jeopardy.


c.   If an accident occurs, the appropriate law enforcement agency should be summoned to the scene for an accident report and an investigation. If possible, vehicles should not be moved, unless a significant traffic hold-up or safety hazard exists. The Texas Department of Public Safety Roadway Emergency and Stranded Vehicle number is 1(800) 525-5555. 


d.   If an accident occurs, the organization’s advisor should be contacted immediately and notified by the driver. If the advisor cannot be reached, a member of the CASO Office (512-245-3219) should be contacted.


e.   If a university vehicle is damaged, call the Texas State Facilities Department at 1(800) 687-7076 for assistance.


f.    Attention should be given in any vehicle accident situation to the safety of the persons in the traveling group. These people should be gathered well enough away from the vehicle and scene to ensure their safety from the vehicles around the area.




07.01  This section contains incident and breakdown guidelines for student travelers. The information in this section is mandatory and constitutes university policy and procedure.


a.   If an incident or breakdown occurs, the Texas State Facilities Department must be contacted at 1(800) 687-7076. You may also contact the Texas Department of Public Safety Roadway Emergency and Stranded Vehicle number at 1(800) 525-5555.


b.   If a significant traffic hold-up or safety hazard exists, the vehicle must be moved out of the flow of traffic.


c.   If a vehicle breaks down, the organization’s advisor must be contacted immediately and notified. In the event the advisor cannot be reached, a member of the CASO Office (512-245-3219) must be contacted.




08.01  This section contains specific safety guidelines for student travelers. This information is intended to assist students during travel in an effort to encourage the safest possible travel.


a.   Travel between the hours of 12AM and 6AM is discouraged. The majority of travel hours should be during daylight.


b.   Drivers must take a “safety break” after three hours behind the wheel.


c.   If travel time is to exceed twelve hours, two or more persons must share the driving responsibility and rotate time behind the wheel in accordance with Section 08.01 b. above.


d.   If inclement weather occurs, travel should be delayed until conditions are more suitable for travel. To check road and weather conditions in the State of Texas call 1(800) 452-9292.


e.   A vehicle should not be loaded beyond its capacity to supply one seat belt for every person in the vehicle. On extended travel trips vehicles should be underloaded.


f.    Road flares, cellular phones, reflectors and first aid kits are items to carry during travel.


g.   There are a number of Texas State departments that have travel regulations for departmental travel-related activities.  Student organizations must check with any advising departments to obtain copies of specific departmental policies if the department sanctions the travel-related activity.




09.01    Reviewers of this UPPS include the following:


Position                                                          Date


Dean of Students                                          February 1 E4Y


Director, Campus Recreation Center         February 1 E4Y


Director, LBJ Student Center                      February 1 E4Y


Associate Vice President for                      February 1 E4Y

Academic Affairs




This UPPS has been approved by the following individuals in their official capacities and represents Texas State policy and procedure form the date of this document until superseded.


Dean of Students and Associate Vice President for Student Affairs; senior reviewer of the UPPS


Vice President for Student Affairs