UPPS 02.01.10 Attachment II

Jane X. Doe
100 Town Street
San Marcos, Texas 78666
Dear Ms. Doe:
During Fall 20__, you applied for and received a fee reduction for thesis, POSI 5399B. We now have 
received from your major department a request for a degree outline revision which will delete the thesis 
requirement from your degree plan.
As additional hours of Political Science are being accepted in lieu of your thesis, you will have to repay 
the University $___________ for the thesis reduction you received previously. You will be billed at your 
local address. If you wish to make payment prior to receiving your billing statement, please send your 
check to:
                                                             Student Business Services
                                                             188 J.C. Kellam Building
                                                             Texas State University-San Marcos
                                                             San Marcos, Texas  78666
Should you have any questions, please contact us.
Administrative Assistant
Graduate College
c:    Dean of the Graduate College
      Student Business Services Office
      Student's Graduate Adviser
      Student's File