Attachment I


Academic Computing Committee Resolution



Whereas, Many of our students who are encouraged to use computers in the educational process are establishing their personal code of computing ethics based in part upon the examples we provide for them; and


Whereas, Texas State is subject to federal laws expressly forbidding the unauthorized use or distribution of copyrighted software; and


Whereas, The possible discovery, by the makers of such software, of the routine and open use of illegally distributed software in the conduct of University business could represent a serious threat to the Texas State computing community at large; and


Whereas, The University has recently acquired educational discounts or site licenses on popular software used on campus making the costs of upgrading to legal software more palatable financially; therefore, be it


Resolved, That the administration develop and endorse an explicit Policies and Procedures Statement expressly forbidding the illegal use of software on university-inventoried machines or in support of university business in any manner prohibited by the maker of the software.