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Texas State Drumline Music

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Front Ensemble Exercises

Avocado - Mallets (PDF, 67 KB)
Avocado - Synth 3 (PDF, 59 KB)

Battery Exercises:

Cadence Sequence:

Sweet and Low:

Snare (PDF, 84 KB)
Tenors (PDF, 77 KB)
Basses (PDF, 75 KB)
Cymbals (PDF, 69 KB)
Score (PDF, 150 KB)


Snare (PDF, 65 KB)
Tenors (PDF, 66 KB)
Basses (PDF, 61 KB)
Cymbals (PDF, 58 KB)
Score (PDF, 108 KB)

Pregame Sequence:

Pre-Game Cadences (PDF, 173 KB)
Go Bobcats (PDF, 150 KB)

Stand Tunes:

Bobcat Fanfare (PDF, 38 KB)
Bobcat Ole (PDF, 94 KB)
Come Out and Play (PDF, 40 KB)
Eat E'm Up (PDF, 88 KB)
Immigrant Song (PDF, 74 KB)
Lets Go Cats (PDF, 80 KB)
Rock and Roll Pt2 (PDF, 114 KB)
Techno (PDF, 85 KB)
Stand Ditties (PDF, 130 KB)


Walk-on Cadence (PDF, 21 KB)
Go Bobcats (PDF, 150 KB)