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Program Forms

Program Proposal Forms


Bachelor's Program Add Form (updated 9/5/17)

Master's Program Add Form (updated 9/5/17)

Doctoral Program Add Form (updated 9/5/17)

Minor Add Form (updated 9/5/17)

Certificate Add Form (updated 2/12/15)

Preliminary Authority Request Form (updated 9/5/17)


Program Delete Form (updated 7/18/2014)


Program Change Form - Academic Administrative Unit (updated 2/12/15)

Program Change Form - Admission & Graduation (updated 2/12/15)

Program Change Form - Curriculum Requirements and SCH (updated 4/7/16)

Program Change Form - New Concentration (updated 9/5/17)

Program Change Form - Title (updated 4/7/16)

Additional Resources and Helpful Links

Texas State University Proposal Links

Proposal Tracking at Texas State University - see where a proposal is in the process at Texas State

Proposal Flowchart - see the approval routing for proposals at Texas State


Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Proposal Links

Proposal Tracking at Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board - see pending and approved proposals by THECB

Proposal Timeline - see how long it takes a proposal to be reviewed by THECB

Texas Higher Education Data - see state reporting and data resources such as course inventory, program inventory, enrollment and graduation statistics, and CIP codes.