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College Curriculum Committees Roster

Applied Arts:
Dr. Michael Supancic, Chair
Dr. Betsy Blunk
Dr. Kim Davis
Dr. Omar Lopez
Dr. Ken Mix
Becky Swindal, ex-officio non-voting
Dr. Raphael Travis
Business Administration:
Dr. Eric Kirby, Chair Undergraduate Curriculum Committee
Dr. Dennis Smart, Chair Graduate Policies Committee
Dr. William Chittenden
Dr. Keith Kebodeaux
Dr. Sam Lee
Dr. Mayur Mehta
Bethany Mellum, ex-officio non-voting
Dr. Francis Mendez
Dr. Ken Moon
Dr. Cecily Raiborn
Dr. Vivek Shah
Dr. Taewon Suh
Dr. Ha-Chin Yi
Dr. Gail Zank
Dr. Jo An Zimmerman, Chair
Dr. Glenna Billingsley
Dr. Beth Bos
Dr. Linda Homeyer
Joya Konieczny, ex-officio non-voting
Fine Arts and Communication:
Dr. Laurie Fluker, Chair
Harry Bowers
Karl Boysen, ex-officio non-voting
Jeff Dell
Dr. Cynthia Gonzales
William Peeler
Sue Stewart
Nicole Wesley
Health Professions:
Dr. Karen Gibbs, Chair
Sara Boysen, ex-officio non-voting
Dave Falleur
Dr. Diana Gonzales
Dr. Cristian Lieneck
Dora Lopez
Kim Murphy-Abdouch
Dr. Maria Poole
Bill Wharton
Dr. Heather Galloway, Chair
Dr. Michael Burns
Dr. Ronny Haas
Liberal Arts:
Dr. Ted Hindson, Chair
Manda Anderson, ex-officio non-voting
Dr. Elizabeth Bishop
Dr. John Davis
Dr. Susan Day, ex-officio non-voting
Dr. Ron Hagelman
Dr. James Kilby
Dr. Kitty Ledbetter
Dr. Blake Locklin
Dr. Nathan Pino
Dr. Rebecca Raphael
Dr. Hassan Tajalli
Science and Engineering:
Dr. Debra Feakes, Chair
Dr. Farhad Ameri
Dr. Chad Booth, ex-officio non-voting
Dr. Dana Garcia
Dr. Dave Donnelly
Dr. Ed Piner
Roger Priebe
Dr. Harold Stern
David von Miller, ex-officio non-voting
Dr. Gary Winek
University College
Dr. Kambra Bolch, Chair
Temple Carter
Lisa Chrans
Jeremy Roethler