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Registration for the Texas CPM Program

All students participating in the Texas CPM program at any university location must register here online to be considered officially enrolled in the CPM Program.


Please click on link #1 below to register as a participant in the Texas Certified Public Manager (CPM) Program.  All “Certification Only” CPM program participants must complete a course registration form in order to be considered as enrolled in the Texas CPM Program. Students taking CPM courses for academic credit will register through the Texas State University “Banner” Registration System administered by the Office of Distance & Extended Learning (ODEL).

CPM Program participants at Texas Tech, The University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley, Stephen F. Austin State University, San Houston State University & the University of Houston, will register only using link #1. Payments will not be accepted online for these universities. Please contact your CPM Program Director at the University for Payment Information.

CPM Program participants (Certification Only) at the San Marcos, Round Rock San Antonio & Arlington locations must also register for the CPM Program on link #1. CPM Participants will only need to register one time using this link during their participation in Texas CPM Program.


Students registering & paying for Texas University programs in San Marcos, Round Rock, Arlington and San Antonio are able to pay for CPM Certification courses online and will be prompted to do so. Please click on link #2 below to proceed to the Texas State University marketplace to register and pay for CPM certification course(s). If you wish to be invoiced, please select the “Later or Alternate Payment” option at checkout. Your confirmation email will serve as your invoice.

Link #1: Registration for CPM Certification Only Participants for all University’s at all locations in Texas

Register for CPM Programs at the University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley, Stephen F. Austin State University, Sam Houston State University, The University of Houston & Texas Tech University.

Link #2: CPM Programs at Round Rock, San Marcos, Arlington, and San Antonio, Texas

Register and Pay for CPM Courses in Arlington, Round Rock, San Antonio, and San Marcos