Financial Aid

CPM courses taken for academic credit are now eligible for all types of financial aid including veterans’ benefits. Please contact the Texas State University Financial Aid Office and/or the Texas State University Veterans Affairs Office for additional information. The website for the Financial Aid Office is and the website for the Office of Veterans Affairs is


Hazelwood Policy for Veterans

CPM courses are offered through the Office of Distance and Extended Learning and are exempt from Hazelwood legislative requirements.  However the CPM Program does have its own Hazelwood Policy which offers a significant reduction to veterans that are taking CPM courses for academic credit.  
To be eligible for the Hazelwood fee reduction, Hazelwood veterans must be enrolled in a regular academic degree program at Texas State University and take CPM courses for academic credit.
The CPM Hazelwood Policy offers about a 30% discount to students.  Students registering for undergraduate CPM courses pay $400 for each CPM course and students registering for graduate CPM courses pay $500 for each CPM course.
Before veterans are eligible for the Hazelwood reduction for CPM courses they must have used up their veterans educational benefits.  Students should check with the Texas State University Office of Veterans Affairs to see if they have any benefits remaining under any of the GI past or current GI Bills.