FMA Scholarship

Kelly AFB Federal Management Association (FMA) Scholarships

Periodically the Texas CPM Program accepts applications for the Kelly AFB Federal Management Association (FMA) Scholarship. The Scholarship is valued at $4165 and the recipient of this Scholarship can attend the seven-course Texas CPM Program, at Texas State University locations in San Marcos and Round Rock.
Persons wishing to apply for an FMA Scholarship should submit a 1–2 page essay on how their studies and goals will improve the public sector workplace. The applicant should also discuss financial need if that is a consideration. Letters should be sent to the following address:

Dr. Howard R. Balanoff, Professor & Director
The William P. Hobby Center for Public Service
Political Science Department
Texas State University
601 University Drive
San Marcos, Texas 78666

Applications can also be emailed to

The Texas CPM Program will offer 1 FMA Scholarships each calendar year. In order to be considered qualified applicants should meet the following criteria.


Applicants should be residents of Bexar, Atasocosa, Wilson, Medina, Kendall, Bandera, Comal or Caldwell County.


Applicants will be given priority in the following order.

  1. A current Federal employee in a manager or supervisor position (per current OPM guidelines).
  2. A current Federal employee in a professional occupation (per current OPM guidelines).
  3. A dependent of a current federal manager or supervisor.
  4. A dependent of a current Federal Professional.
  5. A dependent of a retired Federal manager, supervisor or professional.
  6. A current local or state government manager, supervisor or professional working in the geographic area shown above.

Academic Considerations

  1. Consideration will be given to participants that are actively pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in public administration or a related area.
  2. Applicants seeking academic degrees must meet the GPA, GRE or ACT requirements of the Texas State University department from which they are seeking their degree. Applicants should refer to the appropriate university catalog for GPA, GRE or ACT requirements.

Financial Need

Applicants that can demonstrate financial need will be given extra consideration. Financial need should be identified in the approximately 1–2 page application essay, which applicants are asked to submit to the Texas State University Scholarship Committee.

The Selection Process

The Director of the Texas State University’s William P. Hobby Center for Public Service shall appoint a selection committee to consider applications for the FMA Scholarship. The Selection Committee, which will be composed of academic and practitioner faculty of the Texas CPM Program. The scholarship committee shall consider relevant criteria such as students professional experience, academic records, application essays, financial need etc. during their selection process.

The next Kelly FMA Scholarships will be awarded in January 2014. The application deadline for the 2014 Kelly FMA Scholarships is October 2013. All applications should be received at Texas State University by that date.