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These TXDanceFest sessions are approved by the Texas Education Agency (TEA)

Contemporary/Modern Techniques

Designed to give the advanced dance student experience in learning and performing Kim Olson and Rachel Murray’s styles of dance. This course will focus on developing a professional level ability to learn, remember and perform dance sequences during class, as well as solid technique principles from each one of the guest artists.

Schedule: Cancelled for Summer 2017

Instructor: Ana Baer

Location: Jowers 175

Kim Olson

Techniques - Special Guest # 1 - Kim Olson

Kim Olson is an award winning Choreographer/Artistic Director of SWEET EDGE Performance + Project.  She received a BFA from the Ohio State University and subsequently moved to New York City, where she trained in Release Technique and Klein Technique. She performed and toured as a member of the Randy Warshaw Dance Company, worked with the Donna Uchizono Company and toured internationally as a member of the Stephen Petronio Company.  In 2004 she founded SWEET EDGE in Denver, CO and her work has since been featured internationally at performance and dance for camera festivals and venues. Olson is a frequent teacher, guest artist, collaborator and commissioned artist, speaker, and conducts outreach and arts integration via Think 30 Arts of Denver.

Techniques - Special Guest # 2 - Rachel Murray

My early modern dance training was in Cunningham Technique and then Limon Technique.  These forms provided my formal modern technical training as a teenager.  The emphasis on shaping, upper and lower body connection, suspend/release and complex movement coordination and musicality provided a base for my work with Mark Morris.  With Morris I developed an interest in exploration, improvisation and solving movement problems in unique unexpected ways.  Specificity of movement has always been an interest of mine, whether it is intention/effort, spacial awareness or body connectivity.  I began teaching creative dance and interdisciplinary arts education while working with Morris and that work led me to the Dance Education Laboratory (DEL) in New York City. There, I began learning how to refine my lesson plans to incorporate a critical and creative engagement on both the body and the mind through traditional technical training, improvisation, composition and choreography using Laban Movement Analysis and Language of Dance (LOD) (c) into my dance classes.

Movement and Dance Integration in the Classroom for Teachers K-12

This course investigates the use and benefits of creative dance and movement in the classroom.  Learning styles, curriculum integration, as well as awareness and understanding of cultural diversity will be explored in conjunction with theory and practice in creative movement discovery.

Schedule: Cancelled for Summer 2017

Instructor: Kaysie Seitz Brown

Location: Jowers 175

Integration - Special Guest # 1 - Kim Olson (Photo and Bio Above)

Integration - Special Guest # 2 - Rachel Murray (Photo and Bio Above)

Choreographic Influences: Hip Hop Techniques and Repertory

This course investigates the significance of choreographers, dancers, particular schools or movements in dance, and/or artistic and technological developments in the field of hip hop dance. Special attention is paid to political, sociological and other world events, and how they have shaped choreographic trends in dance from 1980-2015.

Schedule: Cancelled for Summer 2017

Instructor: Michelle Nance

Location: Jowers 175

Larry Southall

Choreographic Influences - Special Guest # 1 - Larry Southall

Larry Southall holds an MFA in Performance and Choreography from the University of Colorado. A native of the Bronx, NY, he began working with hip-hop dance forms in the early 1980's. He has worked with the Boulder Ballet, The Harambee African Dance Ensemble, Blue Moon Dance Company, Motion Underground, Longmont Symphony and Dance Theatre, Cleo Parker Robinson Summer Institute, Denver school of the Arts, and Steamboat Springs Dance Theatre.  He has served as a master teacher at Dance Place in Washington, D.C., at Slippery Rock University, and for the American College Dance Festival. Larry has choreographed for the Native Tongue Dance Theatre, Skeleton Dance Project, The Black College Dance Exchange, and the Legacies concert of the American College Dance Festival in Boulder, Co and is respected nationally as one of the great traditional hip-hop teachers.  Larry is currently Artistic Director of The Grass Roots Project under the direction of Rennie Harris.

Orlando Moreno

Choreographic Influences - Special Guest # 2 - Orlando Moreno

Orlando Moreno is a well rounded trained dancer with a strong emphasis in Hip-Hop. Born and raised in Laredo, TX his first encounter with dance began by being apart of his older brother's senior recital. Not knowing that he would soon be consumed by the world that is dance. Shortly after he attended, during his high school career, the Vidal M. Trevino of Communication and Fine Arts program. Where he learned an array of genres of dance such as ballet, folkorico, tap, jazz and contemporary. He gravitated more upon the Hip Hop style by watching famous freestylers such as Mr.Wiggles, Poppin John, Boogalo Sam, and Salah to name a few. Which began over a nine- year period of self teaching. He attended Texas State where he learned the Erick Hawkins technique and grew to understand how to make something that is complex, yet make it look really organically simplistic. His training also lead him to be apart of the River City Ballet in which brought a different dynamic to his body. Soon after he made the big move to Los Angeles where he has trained intensively within his Hip Hop style. From dance hall, housing, popping, locking, Chicago footwork, voguing, breaking and choreography it excelled him to be Mentored by well known choreographer Kennis Marquis. Where Kennis has trained the many choreographers who now work with the “A” list artists of today. Orlando got the opportunity to work with Kel Mitchell, from Game Shakers, for Nickelodeon. Performing in the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards made him push even more. When not training in LA Orlando loves bringing back what he has learned back to his community in Texas. For he didn't have the opportunities to train the way he did in LA, he hopes he can inspire more people to go out and pursue the gifts that God has given us. "Once the gate is open from being held down from fear, all possibilities are endless."-Orlando Moreno.

Registration Information

Individuals have the option to register for one of the one-week live instruction sessions or choose to attend both one-week sessions.  The pricing is listed below and the specific sessions can be selected during the registration process. 

On/before - Date TBA:
1 week course registration: $150.00/per course
2 week course registration: $280.00/per course

After - Date TBA:
1 week course registration: $175.00/per course
2 week course registration: $305.00/per course

Continuing Professional Education Units (CPEs)
Up to 15 hours of participation, or 15 CPEs, can be earned for the one week course.
Up to 30 hours of participation, or 30 CPEs, can be earned for the 2 week course.

Note: The TXDanceFest is approved by the Texas Education Agency (TEA).  One clock hour of participation equals one CPE hour.  To ensure you are awarded the correct number of CPE's, please ensure that you locate the sign-in/sign-out sheet during each session.

Cancellation requests must be received in writing by the Office of Distance and Extended Learning.  Requests received on/before (date TBA) will receive a full refund, less a $25.00 fee. 

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Information and Assistance

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