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Annual Community Youth Development Teen Summit

Dates: July 10-13th, 2017

Location: Texas State University

The CYD Teen Summit is an annual 3-day, 2-night event held for select participants of the DFPS CYD program with the goal of developing leadership skills and attitudes as well as providing youth with an avenue to solve problems relevant to their communities rather than have solutions imposed on them without input. Community Youth Development services and events are funded by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.

Who will attend? The CYD Teen Summit is attended by 90 youth in middle or high school and 30 adults who serve as chaperones and partners in learning. Attendees are a part of their community’s local Youth Advisory Committee (YAC). Six youth and two chaperones attend from each of the 18 ZIP Codes.

Important Information

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Dress Code

Students may not wear inappropriate clothing. Examples: biker shorts, spandex, backless apparel, see-through apparel, one shoulder shirts.

There should be NO SKIN revealed between the shirt and top of pants or skirts. Follow the Three B rule: No Boobs, No Butts, No bellies.

No sagging.

All shorts, skirts, and dresses must be of appropriate and modest length.

Students cannot wear garments with visual or written messages that display drugs, alcohol, tobacco, weapons, violence, vulgar or obscene language or images.

Shoes must be worn and not present a safety or health hazard. Wear appropriate shoes at all times.

You may wear hats, but may be asked to take them off in the buildings during sessions.

Please do not bring electronics (phones are ok), expensive jewelry, chains, or watches as Texas State or DFPS will not be responsible if lost or stolen.

Download a PDF copy of the CYD Summit Dress Code

Packing List

The CYD Summit 2017 will have daily activities, workshops, and inspirational keynote speakers all over campus. There are multiple transitions throughout the day, so bringing comfortable shoes and clothing is highly advised.

There will be a special Etiquette Dinner which is immediately followed by a dance. In the past, youth and adults have dressed up in formal or business casual clothing, but please note this is a personal choice. Youth should not feel as though they need to buy a new outfit to wear this night; however, most youth have enjoyed dressing up for this special event.

All participants should bring the following:
- Twin size sheets and/or sleeping bag
- Pillow
- Extra blanket (if you tend to get cold at night)
- Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap/ body wash, shampoo, conditioner, brush, comb, etc.)
- Face and body towel
- Shower shoes
- Comfortable shoes (there is some walking between facilities involved)
- Business casual outfit for the Etiquette Dinner
- At least two appropriate outfits per day
o PLEASE NOTE: Females should not wear shirts that show their chests or mid drifts and males should not wear baggy pants.

Please leave all valuable items such as expensive jewelry, iPod/iPads, family heirlooms, etc. at home. Texas State University is not responsible for lost items.

It is important to note that youth should bring whatever will make them comfortable sleeping in a new place at night. The University does not supply sheets, pillows, or towels for the rooms, so please ensure youth come with these items in hand. It is also important to talk to YACs about what is appropriate attire, as participants and staff are representing CYD sites, Texas State University, and the state.

Download a PDF of the CYD Summit Packing List

Group Registration for Summit

ONE ONLINE REGISTRATION SUBMISSION PER SITE IS REQUIRED: Each registration should contain the information for the six Summit Attendees (three males, three females), the CYD site and Coordinator, and both chaperones.

IMPORTANT: The following documents MUST also be completed and/or signed and attached electronically to the online registration form.

For Student Participants: ALL students attending the CYD Teen Summit must have these forms on file. (click to view & print):

For Adult Chaperones (click to view & print):

Additional forms that are required:

  •      Proof of Current Background Check Results/Confirmation
  •      Copy of YAC Registration Form

The forms below are provided if your background check is not current. Further information and directions will be posted soon to guide you through the process of submitting these forms to secure a clear background check confirmation, which is required in order to participate in this summit. If your background check is current, you will only need to attach the results/confirmation page with the other required documents during registration. 

BEFORE YOU REGISTER. You may want to review the Registration Package Checklist to ensure all items are ready and accounted for. 

NOTE: A copy of the completed YAC Registration Form must also be attached electronically to the online registration form. 

Once the above documents have been completed and/or signed, please access the online summit registration form below to complete the registration process for your group.

Speaker and Special Guest Registration

If you are a speaker or special guest of this year's Annual CYD Teen Summit, please select the link below to complete the online registration process.


If you have any questions, comments or concerns about the teen summit, please call 281-883-8615 or email  If you have any questions or need assistance with the registration process, please call David Cummings in the Office of Distance and Extended Learning at 512-245-2507, or email David at

Employment Opportunity

Employment opportunities for the 2017 Community Youth Development Summit are now available. Please complete the following application in order to be considered.