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Frequently Asked Questions

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If I have my MDS certification, do I have to take the RUG training?

Even if a nurse has received an MDS certification from another program, they are required to complete the RUG Training to be permitted to electronically submit their MDS Assessments for Medicaid Reimbursement payments.

Is it true there is no grade associated with this training?

There is no grade or pass/fail for this training.  HHSC does not have any requirements around a score.  The only requirement is you must have completed (answered) all learning check questions.

The number of learning check questions correctly answered versus those that were answered incorrectly is captured in TRACS in the Learning Check / Assessments section.  If you are interested in keeping a copy of the results of your learning checks, print out the Assessments page once you have completed the training.  Texas State and HHSC will not track this information.

Can someone other than a nurse complete the RUG training?

Yes.  You do not need to be a nurse in order to complete the RUG training.  When completing the application, enter six zeros ("000000") as the license number and "Not Applicable" for the state which issued the license.

If nurses take the training for Nursing Facilities, do they also need to take the training for Community Services?

In order to submit MDS assessments, the nurse license numbers must have completed the Nursing Facility training. 

In order to submit Medical Necessity and Level of Care Assessments for Community, the nurse license numbers must have completed the Community Services training.

How soon after completing the online RUG training will TMHP be notified of the completion?

It can take 5-7 working days (M-F, 8-5) to process and report completions to TMHP, depending on current volume of enrollments and completions.  However, we strive to process and report training completions as quickly as possible. 

Can a provider take both training courses that are offered?

Yes.  Providers are not limited to just one training course.  Providers may take both the Nursing Facilities and Community Services training, however there is a fee for each course.

I signed up for the wrong training. Can I take the other training instead?

The participant will need to contact the Office of Distance and Extended Learning at Texas State University to transfer enrollment from one course to another. 

What happens if I accidentally complete another individual's training?

This happens when a participant uses another individual's username and password to access the training.  Pay special attention to type the username and password exactly as it was given to you in the enrollment notification email, as they can be very similar to those issued to others.

If you complete another individual's training, please contact the Office of Distance and Extended Learning.  You will have to retake the assessments using the correct username and password.

What happens if my credit card is declined?

We prefer that most credit card payments be made via our online payment site.  However, if we are assisting individuals with a payment by phone, there may be an instance when a credit card transaction is declined.  If this occurs, we will attempt to make contact by phone or email.  If we do not receive a response within one week, the credit card information will be shredded.

Why am I having difficulty logging in?

There may be several reasons you are having difficulty logging in.  Things you should check include:

  • Make sure you enter your username and password in all lower case letters with no spaces.
  • Make sure you are logging in to TRACS (not Blackboard as with the TILE Program).
  • Make sure your 90-day enrollment period has not expired.

How can I verify the expiration date of my current training period?

Please contact the Office of Distance and Extended Learning at 512-245-7118 or and provide your name and license number. 

How long will it take to receive my username and password?

You will receive your username and password with 5-7 business days of your registration and payment submission.  Once your application is processed, you will receive an email confirmation with your username, password and the web link for accessing the online training. 

What should I do if I registered for the RUG training over a week ago and have not received my username and password?

Quite often, our confirmation emails are received in junk-mail or spam folders.  Please double-check all of your email folders.  If you still cannot locate our confirmation email, please contact the Office of Distance and Extended Learning.  Once your license number and email address are verified, the confirmation email will be resent to your email address.