How do I get involved?

Are you ready to get involved? Change the world? Make a difference?

This site is the place to start! The Office of Community Relations helps to connect the Texas State campus community with local volunteer programs by working with a diverse group of partners interested in community service.

Community Service Documentation is provided for all activities. Choose from a wide variety of ways to give back to the San Marcos community, from working with youth to volunteering for special events and other activities to support local non-profit organizations. One-time and ongoing service opportunities available to fit any schedule!

How can I get involved?

1. Sign up for our weekly e-newsletter to be notified of upcoming San Marcos volunteer opportunities.

2. View all of our events and opportunities under the "Community Outreach" tab on our website.

3. Join "Students for Community Relations" on Facebook.

4. Email or call (512) 245-9745

5. Visit United Way of Hays County to learn more about needs in the San Marcos community