Health Resources

Health Resources
Texas State University offers health-realted clinics that are open to the San Marcos community.
The ACC (Assessment and Counseling Clinic) offers counseling for a variety of concerns to families, couples, and individuals ages 3 and up. No individual will be turned away on the basis of payment. Counseling sessions are up $20 per hour, and if it is an issue payments are less. For more information call 512-245-8349; more information can be found on the following brochure.
CARES has a three-point mission to provide the best educational services to children and adults with autism and other developmental disabilities. There are multiple services that aid in Assessment Services, Educational Services, and an Autism Summer camp is held. For more information call 512-245-7892 or email at
The Texas state Speech-Language-Hearing clinic provides services to a wide range of clients with diverse cultural backgrounds and diagnoses. The audiology Clinic provides services to the entire family, and offers hearing screenings, testing, and treatments. For more information call 512-245-8241, or email at
   Sleep Lab
The Texas State Sleep Center is located it the Health Professions building, and services in diagnosing sleep disorders, and providing treatments. For more information, call 512-392-2335.
The Texas State University-San Marcos Physical Therapy Clinic provides the patient access to clinicians with high quality evaluation and treatment skills. The Physical Therapy Clinic is located in the Health Professions building. Costs can be from $30-$50l. For more information call 512-245-3795.
The Department of Health and Human Performance offers a variety of services and programs with Total Wellness. If you’re looking to meet health requirements, weight loss, fitness, or setting up athletics goals for children, then contact Total Wellness at 512-245-2561, or email at