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Common Experience Theme

A Century of Conflict:
Dialogues on the U.S. Experience of War since 1917

2016-2017 Common Experience Theme Chairs

» Dr. Margaret Menninger, Associate Professor, Department of History
» Dr. Ellen D. Tillman, Assistant Professor, Department of History
» Margaret Vaverek, Outreach Librarian, Albert B. Alkek Library

Overview: From U.S. Entry into World War I to Ongoing Conflicts Today

Conflict and war have always been elements of the human experience, affecting the development of identity, culture, society, and policy — from international and global involvements in armed conflicts to treaties seeking peaceable solutions. By gaining a stronger understanding of how conflict and resolution have shaped the United States, as well as our own university and community, students attain a fuller comprehension of how their fields of study relate to the international experience and their own roles as citizens and university graduates. This theme allows the Texas State community to make important connections regarding the impact of war on our campus, the surrounding region, and our society as a whole.