Applying Impact to University Seminar Objectives

Adapted from Instructor's Guide for No Impact Man

1. To facilitate students’ adjustment to the challenges of life and learning at Texas State.

  • Impact Theme: Self reflection
  • Impact Theme: Evaluation of current lifestyles
  • Impact Theme: Living for today while planning for the future

2. To expand students’ understanding of the nature and purposes of a university.

  • Impact Theme: The higher purpose of education
  • Impact Theme: Solving world issues Impact
  • Theme: Creating culture change

3. To identify practical learning skills and concepts that will promote students’ academic success.

  • Impact Theme: Communication/connection with community versus isolation in the information age
  • Impact Theme: Assessment of priorities and values

4. To encourage students to explore the connection between university study and life enrichment, life-long learning, and civic responsibility.

  • Impact Theme: Consumerism
  • Impact Theme: Happiness and satisfaction in life
  • Impact Theme: Solving the world’s problems
  • Impact Theme: The economics and politics of industrialization and technology versus sustainability

5. To promote respect for diversity issues and concepts.

  • Impact Theme: Zen
  • Impact Theme: Classism