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John Graves Timeline

1920 — Born August 6 in Fort Worth, TX; son of John Alexander and Nancy (Kay) Graves.

1942 — B.A., Rice University.

1941-45 — U.S. Marine Corps; receives Purple Heart; becomes captain;

1948 — M.A., Columbia University.

1948-50 — University of Texas at Austin, instructor in English.

1958 — Graves marries Jane Marshall Cole; children: Helen, Sally.

1958-65 — Texas Christian University, adjunct professor of English.

1960 — Goodbye to a River: A Narrative; Texas

1961 — Goodbye to a River: A Narrative wins Collins Award, Texas Institute of Letters (TIL).

1963 — Guggenheim fellow.

1965-68 — U.S. Department of Interior, Washington, DC, writer and consultant.

1967 — The Creek and the City: Urban Pressures on a Natural Stream, Rock Creek Park and Metropolitan Washington, Department of the Interior.

1968 — The Nation’s River.

1972 — Growing Up in Texas (with others), Rockefeller fellow.

1973 — The Water Hustlers (with Robert Boyle and T. H. Watkins).

1974 — Hard Scrabble: Observations on a Patch of Land.

1974 — The Last Running, Encino Press (Austin), published as The Last Running: A Story.

1975 — Hard Scrabble wins Parkman Prize, TIL.

1975 — Texas Heartland: A Hill Country Year (with Jim Bones, Jr.).

1980 — From a Limestone Ledge: Some Essays and Other Ruminations about Country Life in Texas.

1981 — Blue and Some Other Dogs.

1983 — Lon Tinkle Distinguished Achievement Award, TIL; Distinguished Alumni Award, Rice University; D.Litt., Texas Christian University.

1996 — A John Graves Reader.

2000 — Bookend Award, Texas Book Festival; John Graves and the Making of Goodbye to a River: Selected Letters, 1957-1960, edited by Dave Hamrick.

2002 — Texas Rivers, photographs by Wyman Meinzer.

2003 — Texas Hill Country, photographs by Wyman Meinzer.

2004 — Myself and Strangers: A Memoir of Apprenticeship.

2007 — John Graves, Writer, edited by Mark Busby and Terrell Dixon.

— Mark Busby

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