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2013-2014 Common Experience

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September 1 - May 31
At-Risk for Students: Helping a Friend in Distress
Online Training

Have you ever had a friend that was struggling? Have you ever wanted to talk to a friend dealing with a problem, but weren’t sure how? Most college students say they would turn to their friends for support during times of stress, overwhelming anxiety or depression.

The Texas State Counseling Center has made a 30-minute, interactive, online course available to students to provide training on how to approach and discuss concerns with a peer who is in distress, and if necessary, refer them to campus support services. In the course, you will engage in simulated conversations with student avatars who are fully animated and emotionally responsive, making this a highly realistic role-play game experience. The course can be completed over multiple sittings, as it saves your progress along the way. Click the link below and use the enrollment key to take the training.

For Training Visit:  https://arus.kognito.com/  (Enrollment Key is txstate)

For more information visit: http://www.counseling.txstate.edu/outreach/qpr.html or contact Blanca Sanchez-Navarro at 512.245.2208

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January 02 - March 30
FINE LINE: Mental Health/Mental Illness by MICHAEL NYE
Hours Subject to Change - 
Click Here for more information

FINE LINE: MENTAL HEALTH/MENTAL ILLNESS pairs photography with audio recording in a documentary project that reveals the courage and the fragility of people living with disorder, confronts stereotypes, and draws attention to the tenuous threshold between stability and unbalance. Photographer Michael Nye spent four years photographing and recording stories, discovering how, in his words, “Mental illness touches the deepest parts of who we are; our identity, self worth, the inability to communicate, confusion and loss of control. It can happen for no apparent reason and at any time. Every person has a chance of becoming mentally ill.” In simple, eloquent detail, 45 black-and-white portraits and the voices of those portrayed speak of denial, fear, stigma and separation, pain, abuse, coping, healing, and humanity. Nye’s Fine Line exhibition is presented in conjunction with Texas State's 2013–2014 Common Experience theme, Minds Matter: Exp loring Mental Health and Illness, and is sponsored by the university’s Wittliff Collections and Common Experience Center, the CFAN Company, and the Central Texas Medical Center.

FEBRUARY 11, 2014, 6:30 PM :
Join us for a reception celebrating this exhibition and a talk by the photographer Michael Nye. Admission is free and all welcome. Attendees are asked to RSVP to thewnittliffcollections@txstate.edu

Visit http://www.thewittliffcollections.txstate.edu/exhibitions-events/exhibitions/current.html#nye or contact Carla Ellard at 512.245.2313 for more information


Kara Rhodes

 January 13 - May 10
Face Forward: Portraits of Emotional Exposure
Spring Exhibition in the Gallery of the Common Experience

Monday-Thursday, 8:00 A.M. - 7:00 P.M.
Friday, 8:00 A.M - 5:00 P.M.,
The Gallery of the Common Experience (Lampasas 407) 


The Gallery of the Common Experience presents its spring 2014 exhibition, Face Forward: Portraits of Emotional Exposure, starting January 13, 2014. The exhibition, designed to explore the Common Experience theme of mental health and illness, features emotionally descriptive and evocative portraiture by artists from around the state, including several Texas State students and alumni.  For more information contact Billi London-Gray at 512.245.2266 or visit http://www.txstate.edu/honors/forum/gallcommonexp.html.

Please join us in the gallery on Thursday, January 30, from 5-7 p.m. for a public reception with the artists.

Pattern Language

January 27 - February 5
Pattern Language
9:00 AM - 10:00 PM, JC Mitte Gallery 1

The practice of translating the data of daily living and observation is the framework for the works in Pattern Language. Artists Laurie Frick [Austin] and James Sterling Pitt [San Francisco] both work within a concept of visual languages that straddles neuroscience, data, and art, while also residing in the place of visually stunning aesthetics.

This exhibition brings these two talented artists who use pattern as a means of communication, either observational or personal, and is comprised of Frick’s sculptural installation and Pitt’s sculptures, drawings and paintings resulting in a gallery filled with art that reads as pattern language. Laurie Frick’s work appears courtesy of the artist and James Sterling Pitt’s work appears courtesy of Ridgway Gallery in San Francisco, California. For More Information contact Mary Mikel Stump at 512.245.2664 or visit http://www.txstgalleries.org/visit/ for more information.


Princeton Review

February 17-20
Business Leadership Week Interactive Fair
9 a.m. – 12 p.m.
McCoy Hall 1st Floor Wells Fargo Atrium

The Interactive Fair is an annual event that takes place each morning of Business Leadership Week. During the Interactive Fair you will have the chance to learn about ways to maintain your mental health, complete personality surveys, and engage in brain-teasing and stress-reducing activities! Get your Business Leadership Week passport stamped by at least 5 booths at the Interactive Fair, then drop it off at the CenturyLink Advising Center (McCoy Hall, Room 115) by 3 pm on February 20, 2014 for a chance to win one of 10 great prizes! Winners will be notified via e-mail.  Confirmed Interactive Fair participants include the Princeton Review, Divine Canines animal-assisted therapy services (Tuesday), RBFCU (Wednesday and Thursday), the Student Health Center, HealthyCats, and the Department of Campus Recreation (Wednesday and Thursday). The Interactive Fair is hosted by the McCoy College Ambassadors. We would like to thank The Princeton Review, STAR sponsor for the Interactive Fair, for their generous support of Business Leadership Week 2014. For more information about this event and other Business Leadership Week events visit http://advising.mccoy.txstate.edu/prodev/businessleadership/2014/spotlight.html



Devils Alphabet

March 17 - April 11
The Devil's Alphabet, Lauren E. Simonutti
Open Daily, 9:00am - 10:00pm,  Gallery 1, JC Mitte Building

The Devil’s Alphabet contains 26 images, taken with a 5x7 view camera. Shot over the entirety of the house, it is the most linear of all the chapters that she created and yet the images themselves were shot out of sequence. Each corresponding to a different letter in the alphabet, they presented an opportunity to the artist for “finding order after the fact and trusting in the direction in which you’re being led.” Fulfilling the goal of giving each letter its own personality, the artist also offers a glimpse into a life in which, “nothing is real but everything is true.”  For more information contact Mary Mikel Stump at 512.245.2647 or visit http://blog.susanburnstine.com/post/21902234398 for more information about this exhibit.

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Philosophy Dialogue Series: Limits to Surveillance and the Police State

May 05, 6:00PM - 7:00PM
Philosophy Dialogue Series: Limits to Surveillance and the Police StateThis event focuses on the topic “Limits to Surveillance and the Police State” and features a No Holds Barred Student-led Political Discussion.

Join Texas State University instructors and special guests for a variety of discussions centered on the topic of “Minds Matter: Exploring Mental Health and Illness” as part of the yearly Common Experience project. The series is free to attend and open to the public. Anyone may join the discussions at any time during the series.

The Department of Philosophy teaches some 2,500 introductory students each fall and spring semester. The Dialogue Series supplements their instruction, as it allows them to apply their classroom study of the principles of good thinking and ethical conduct to such controversial issues. For over twelve years, the series has provided a forum for the lively exchange and critical evaluation of diverse ideas. This series has grown from a few presentations a month during long semesters to four or five each week during most of the fall and spring semesters and during one summer session

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Campus Sponsor:
Department of Philosophy
Beverly Pairett, 512-245-2208
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Minds into Matter

Previous Gallery Events


August 26 - December 12
Minds into Matter: How Creating Art Affects Artists
Monday-Friday, 8:00 A.M. - 7:00 P.M., The Gallery of the Common Experience (Lampasas 407)

Art is a way of externalizing the internal. Artists are compelled by something internal, whether it’s inspiration, emotion, obsession or habit. Often the process of creating a work helps an artist seek relief, find contentment or achieve new understanding. This exhibition will pair works with personal statements about how the creative processes affected the minds of the artists. It will include both multimedia and traditional media works by artists around the world.  For More information contact Billi London-Gray at 512-245-2266 or cegallery@txstate.edu