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Previous Keynote Speakers

Previous Keynote Speakers

Below is a photo gallery and listing of previous keynote speakers at commencement.


DEC        Nelva Gonzales Ramos (United States District Judge)

AUG      Veronica Muzquiz Edwards (The Texas State University System Board of Regents)

MAY      Brigadier General Robert D. LaBrutta (United States Air Force)



DEC        Pete Sessions (U.S. Congressman)

AUG       Cleofas "Cleo" Rodriguez, Jr. (Executive Director of the National Migrant Seasonal Head Start Association, Distinguished Alumnus)



DEC        Dr. Libby Doggett (Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy and Early Learning, USDOE)

AUG      Donna N. Williams (Chairman, The Texas State University System Board of Regents)



DEC        Brigadier General Giovanni K. Tuck (United States Air Force and Texas State Alumnus)

AUG      Belle S. Wheelan (President, Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges)



DEC        Dan Branch (Texas House of Representatives)

AUG      H. S. "Buddy" Garcia (Commissioner, Railroad Commission of Texas)



DEC        Admiral B. R. Inman, U. S. Navy (Ret.)

AUG      Charles Amato (Chairman, The Texas State University System Board of Regents)



DEC        Ron Blatchley (Regent, The Texas State University System)

AUG      Dr. Brian McCall (Chancellor, The Texas State University System)

MAY      Powers Boothe (Actor and Distinguished Alumnus)



DEC        T. Boone Pickens (Founder and Chairman of BP Capital Mgmt)

MAY      Kay Bailey Hutchison (Senator, U.S. Senate)



DEC        Michael Truncale (Regent, The Texas State University System)

AUG      Judith Zaffirini (Senator, Texas State Senate)

MAY      Dale Wainwright (Justice, Texas Supreme Court)



DEC       Lloyd Doggett (U.S. Congress)

AUG      Fred Heldenfels (Heldenfels Enterprises, Inc.)

MAY      Brian McCoy (CEO, McCoy Corporation)



DEC        Patrick Rose (Texas House of Representatives)

AUG      Roger Williams (Texas Secretary of State)

MAY      John Cornyn (U.S. Senate)



DEC        James Weitzul (Mitte Foundation Board of Directors)

AUG      Henry Cuellar (U.S. House of Representatives)

MAY      Charles Matthews (Chancellor, The Texas State University System)



DEC        John Beck (Dean, College of Education, Texas State)

AUG      James D. Bell (Piper Professor of Management, Texas State)

John Rice Carter (U.S. House of Representatives)

J. Dan Bates (CEO, Southwest Research Institute®)

MAY      Geoffrey S. Connor (Texas Secretary of State)

Gary V. Woods (President and CEO, McCombs Enterprises)

Shirley J. Neeley (Texas Commissioner of Education)



DEC        Lynn Tyson (Vice President, Investor Relations, Dell, Inc.)

Paul Cohen (Piper Professor of English, Texas State)

Eduardo Sanchez, MD (Texas Commissioner of Health)

AUG      Shelton Padgett (Distinguished Alumnus, Texas State)

MAY      Greg Abbott (Texas Attorney General)

Richard Boehm (Jesse H. Jones Distinguished Chair of Geographic Education, Texas State)  

Gene Stouder (Roy F. and Joanne Cole Mitte Endowed Chair of Semiconductor Manufacturing Education, Texas State)



DEC        Dr. Nancy Feyl Chavkin (Professor of Social Work, Texas State)

Charles R. Matthews (Commissioner, Texas Railroad Commission)

Dr. James L. Sweatt III (Regent, The Texas State University System)

AUG      Denise Trauth (President, Texas State)

MAY      Jerome Supple (President, Texas State)