Staff Information

Commencement Safety Workshop

A Commencement Safety Workshop is offered to train and inform staff that work at commencement. Spring 2016 workshops will be offered on April 11 and April 15. For more information and to register, please visit

Topics Covered:

  • emergency evacuation procedures
  • assisting candidates and guests with disabilities
  • CPR and AED training
  • crowd management

Resources from Previous Workshops

Below are resources from the previous workshops available for download.

Candidate Check in Maps for Faculty and Staff

Thu 10am (PDF, 89 KB)
Thu 2pm (PDF, 93 KB)
Thu 6 pm (PDF, 87 KB)
Fri 10am (PDF, 88 KB)
Fri 2pm (PDF, 95 KB)
Sat 10am (PDF, 88 KB)
Sat 2pm (PDF, 89 KB)