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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I change my name as it will appear on my diploma and the commencement program?

To change your name as it will appear on your diploma, the commencement program, and all other university documents, you must submit a Personal Information Update Request with the Registrar's Office.

On the day of the ceremony, where can I find the most current information on parking and traffic conditions?

Please tune to 92.5 FM KZOS for updates on parking and traffic conditions on the day of the ceremony.  You can also find parking information on our website.

I'm graduating. What do I wear?

Please refer to the "Academic Regalia" section on the General Information for Candidates page.

Is there a place where I can leave my personal belongings during the ceremony?

Please leave all personal belongings (purses, jackets, etc.) with a family member or friend prior to arrival at the gyms. Texas State University is not responsible for any personal items left in the gyms or on the University Events Center/Strahan Arena floor.

How long will the ceremony last?

Each ceremony is typically one and a half to two hours long. The time length of each ceremony differs due to the number of graduates and the semester in which the ceremony is held. Ceremonies in May and December are usually close to two hours in length, while ceremonies in August are closer to an hour and a half.

How are candidates lined up?

Candidates are grouped by academic college, then by level (doctoral, master's and bachelor's) alphabetically. This is the order in which candidates process into the University Events Center/Strahan Arena, are seated, and are called during the diploma presentations.

I'm an undergraduate graduating with honors. Where do I pick up my honor cords?

You will pick up your honor cords from your college advising center staff when you check in prior to your ceremony.

What are the requirements to graduate with honors (undergraduates only)?

To be eligible for graduation with honors, a student seeking a bachelor's degree must have completed at least 54 semester credit hours preceding graduation at Texas State. Calculation of the GPA to determine honors status is based on all Texas State work applied to the first bachelor's degree, including work completed in the final semester.

Hours earned through Texas State correspondence courses and extension courses count toward GPA and honors eligibility. Hours earned through Texas State credit-by-examination, work/life experience, and other courses that offer only “CR” (pass/fail) grades also count toward honors eligibility, but they do not count toward GPA. Remedial courses with a “CR” grade and graduate courses do not count toward honors eligibility or GPA.

Transfer students who have earned at least 54 semester hours at Texas State are eligible to graduate with honors if their Texas State GPAs meet the above criteria. Students earning second bachelor's degrees are eligible for graduation with honors if they complete 54 or more hours at Texas State in pursuit of their second degrees.


Undergraduate students earning a Texas State GPA of:
3.40-3.59 will graduate Cum Laude
3.60-3.79 will graduate Magna Cum Laude
3.80-4.00 will graduate Summa Cum Laude

I'm graduating with a master's degree and have maintained a 3.00+ GPA. Will I graduate with honors, and will this be acknowledged during the ceremony?

All students graduating with master's degrees have maintained an A or B average in their major and minor courses. Therefore, it is not acknowledged during the ceremony, nor is there special regalia required. Please check with your department to see if there is a special event that recognizes your achievements. Also, you will receive a congratulatory letter from the dean of the Graduate College if you have earned all A's in your major and minor courses.

I belong to an honors society/academic organization. Can I wear my cords or stole at my commencement ceremony?

If you belong to an organization registered with the Office of Student Involvement, you may wear regalia from that organization. Please refer to the Student Involvement site to determine eligibility.

Will I receive my official diploma at my commencement ceremony?

Because the commencement ceremonies immediately follow final exams and prior to the posting of final grades, you will be given a Texas State diploma cover at commencement. Your diploma will be mailed to you after commencement.

Will I have my photograph taken by a professional photographer at the ceremony?

Yes. Texas State University has arranged for a commercial photographer, Flash Photography, to take two different color photographs of each graduate during the diploma presentations. Please visit the Graduate Photos page for more information.

Will the ceremonies be videotaped? If so, will videos be available for purchase?

The ceremonies will not be filmed for commercial sale, but our guests are welcome to bring their own cameras or recorders. Live streaming of each ceremony will be available on the homepage of the commencement website.

My name can be difficult to pronounce. Can I explain the pronunciation to the person announcing my name?

If you are concerned about the pronunciation of your name, please contact your Academic Advising Center at (undergraduate students) or the Graduate College at (graduate students). These offices will forward your information to the faculty member assigned to read names at the ceremony.

Will my commencement ceremony have a key speaker?

A speech will be delivered at each ceremony by the University President. If a keynote speaker is selected, he/she will choose one ceremony that semester in which to deliver their speech. For more information about current and past speakers, please visit the Keynote Speaker webpage by clicking here.

How many guests can I invite to my ceremony? Are tickets required?

Commencement is a memorable experience in a student's life and we want that experience at Texas State to be safe and enjoyable. We ask that each candidate limit the number of guests in attendance to no more than seven (7) for May and December commencement ceremonies. This will allow all guests an opportunity to be seated in University Events Center/Strahan Arena and see their candidate walk across the stage. Tickets are not required.

Will gifts be for sale at commencement?

Yes, the University Bookstore will have a booth inside University Events Center/Strahan Arena with various gift items. Also, student organizations will be on site selling fresh flowers. See Merchandise for more information.