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Graduate Student Affairs Council (GSAC)

Mission Statement

The purpose of this organization is to provide professional development and offer a support structure for graduate students studying or working in the student affairs field. GSAC provides social, professional, and academic opportunities to enhance the holistic development of the future of student affairs professionals.

What We Do

  • Site visits to other universities
  • Professional development workshops
  • Conferences
  • Socials
  • Service Learning
  • Fundraisers

Member Benefits

  • Scholarships for professional development (up to three $100 scholarships awarded per semester)
  • Graduation stole
  • Member T-shirt
  • Networking

2016 GSAC Executive Board Members

Amber Sevart | Executive Director

Amber Executive Director

Hometown: Wichita, KS 

Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Wichita State University 
Why student affairs: I love helping students discover and pursue their passions.  I also love the atmosphere and feel of a college campus.
What I like most about GSAC: The aspects I like most about GSAC are the opportunities to build community with one another and the professional development opportunities!
Hobbies/Interests: I love to travel! Also, watching Netflix, reading, and trying new restaurants or exploring with my friends are always at the top of my list. 

Jamie Parker | Director of Administration

natalie director of administration

Hometown: Albuquerque, NM 

Undergraduate Degree:  B.S. Elementary Education, New Mexico State University

Why student affairs: I love helping students grow and discover their passions while in college. I'm able to help them along their journey through college and begin the next chapters of their life.
What I like most about GSAC: I love that GSAC provides professional development opportunities outside of my daily life. I also enjoy the community that grows through being involved in GSAC.
Hobbies/Interests: I love trying new restaurants with my friends, movie nights, and camping/hiking. 

Karina Ogunlana | Director of Professional Development

Karina Director of Professional Development

Hometown: San Antonio, TX 

Undergraduate Degree: B.S. in Sociology and B.A. in Women’s & Gender Studies
Why student affairs: As an undergraduate student struggling to find my major in college, I realized that what I really wanted to do was what all of my advisers were doing. And so I found my calling in life, to help develop students outside of the classroom so that they can have the best future possible.
What I like most about GSAC: I LOVE professional development!! So my favorite thing about GSAC is that the executive board creates those opportunities for us to engage in professional development as a group.
Hobbies/ interests: My hobbies include hunting for Funko Pop! vinyl figures with my partner. I’m also a big kid at heart, so I am in love with all things Disney and the minions!

Kexin Ren | Director of Finance

MK director of finance

Hometown: Xi’an, China


Undergraduate Degree: B.A in Medical English

Why I am studying Student Affairs: Through my whole school years, I enjoy working with student organizations and planning educational programs. Now I’d like to acquire professional experience in this field so I can serve students in a better way.
What I like most about GSAC: GSAC is a place where provides great opportunities for student affairs beginners, such as panel conversation. I could learn different views and ideas in student affairs to find out who I am and what I want to be.
Hobbies/Interests: Watching TV shows and movies, traveling, listening to music.

Lanita Legan GSAC Advisor and Associate Director of the LBJ Student Center

Lanita advisor

Hometown:  Walden, Colorado

Undergraduate Degree: B.A.  Communication, University of Northern Colorado
Graduate Degree:  M.Ed.  College Student Personnel Administration, Colorado State University
Why Student Affairs:  As a collegian, I found my out of classroom experiences to be excellent opportunities to practice leadership and organizational development.  When I discovered that I could have a career in doing just that, I was hooked!  Making a difference in students’ lives since then has been my mission and my passion!
What I like about GSAC:  This is an amazing group of students with whom to work.  They are passionate about their chosen career field and about bringing exceptional experiences to their cohort to enhance their academic work.  It is with great pleasure and pride that I serve as their advisor.
Hobbies/Interests: Golf, camping, reading, travel, my two dogs, family, photography, home improvement projects (of late).

GSAC Site Visits

GSAC Professional Development Scholarship

This scholarship will financially support members of the Graduate Student Affairs Council who choose to expand their student experience through various professional development opportunities.  This scholarship covers up to $100 of a given registration fee for a professional development conference or webinar; reimbursement of registration or travel fees for a professional development conference or webinar; or a professional development non-textbook resource. Each academic year, the Graduate Student Affairs Council will award up to three $100 scholarships in the fall and spring semesters or a total of six scholarships for the year.