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Association of School Psychology Students

The Goal of ASPS

The primary purpose of ASPS is to promote mental health. Additionally, ASPS shall represent Texas State University- San Marcos school psychology graduate students as a unified body in order to discuss issues and concerns that affect students, both professionally and academically; to provide opportunities to develop and nurture leadership skills; to allow student mentorship and occasions for sharing relevant resources; to foster professionalism during training; to institute a means to effect changes within the department/program; to sponsor speakers and extra-curricular training; to establish links with professional organizations and school psychology professionals in the community; and to afford networking opportunities for school psychology graduate students.

In addition, ASPS will promote and develop social cohesion between students and faculty of the School Psychology program. The ASPS shall be a nonprofit, nonsectarian, and nonpartisan organization. The ASPS shall not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color religion, age, sex, nationality or sexual orientation. ASPS shall coordinate and promote activities, programs and fundraising events which support the goals of this organization.

Spotlight: Faculty of the Month

Dr. Hall
Clinical Faculty

This is her second year at Texas State.
Teaches: CARES clinic, Counseling intro and Play-based Therapy (5300 & 5380), Alternative Evaluation (5398), and Multicultural Issues (5394).

A place she would rather be: on a Mediterranean cruise and on the way to Italy. 

Her spirit animal: a dog, because they are chill and enjoy life.

Favorite Food: Mom’s spaghetti and meatballs, it has a special sauce.

Something you may not know about her: She did a stand-up comedy act for a Talent show.

Background: She started as an undergrad at Syracuse University as a Psychology student in central New York. During, her undergrad she was a camp counselor at a Day camp in Massachusetts and loved working with children. Towards the end of being an undergrad, she wanted to find a profession that combined Psychology and her love for working with children. She decided to go to Columbia University in Manhattan and decided to study becoming a School Psychologist. After grad school, her title was “certified School Psychologist.” She first worked in a Residential Treatment program for four years and worked with female adolescents with bipolar, borderline personality disorder, and depression. In her last year at the Residential Treatment program, she worked with students with autism and low cognitive functioning. Then she transitioned to working at a public elementary school for five years and loved working with students of that age group. Her role as a School Psychologist consisted of counseling both students in Special Education and in regular education, coordinating RTI programs, facilitating RTI meetings, overseeing RTI, overseeing Special Education, and only 25% of the time was testing. She felt part of the school and felt that the students knew that she was there to help. Also, she has served as an adjunct professor and internship director at Columbia University and liked working with students. Since being at Texas State University she has felt that it was a perfect opportunity to work with students and to get involved with some clinical aspects of School Psychology. She continuously is impressed by the hard working students and takes steps to develop the clinical experience.

ASPS spends a day learning about Hippotherapy at Austin's Red Arena.

Spring 2012 ASPS Pot Luck

A Cold Morning in Round Rock for Autism

ASPS's September Meet and Greet

You would think we had the event professional catered.

Our first event of the new academic year when off without a hitch considering the logistical problems we had setting everything up. We were happy to see all the students who attended, more students than we have ever seen at an ASPS event, and hope everyone had an enjoyable time, mingled, and hopefully will come to our next event, halloween party maybe,  and the events we have planned for the remainder of the semester.

Hope Everyone Comes to the Next Event...

Texas State social at Pat O'Brien's in the French Quarter!

The parades and the marching bands rocked!

Mardi Gras Indians on Mardi Gras Day!

Costumes and revelry... Mardi Gras 2008

The beautiful houses of New Orleans

Reminders of the devastation

The rebuilding effort.... starts with a playground!