Jon Lasser

Jon Lasser
Program: School Psychology
Phone: (512) 245-3413
Fax: (512) 245-8872
Office: ED 4036

Ph.D. School Psychology, University of Texas, 1999
M.S.Ed. Sexuality Education, University of Pennsylvania, 1994
BA Plan II Honors Program, University of Texas, 1993

Research Interests:
Dr. Lasser has a wide range of scholarly interests and has developed a record of publication that reflects his diverse research agenda. He has cultivated a body of work that is unified by themes of ethics and social justice with applications for professional practice. 

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Selected Publications

Lasser, J., & Gottlieb, M.C. (in press). Facilitating informed consent: A multicultural perspective. Ethics and Behavior.

Mendes, S., Lasser, J., Abreu-Lima, I.M.P, & Almeida, L.S. (in press) All different or all the same? Exploring the diversity of professional practices in Portuguese school psychology. European Journal of Psychology of Education.

Jones, T., & Lasser, J. (in press). School Psychology with Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Questioning (GLBTIQ) Youth. In M. Thielking & M. Terjesen (Eds.), Handbook of Australian School Psychology.

Vega, D., Lasser, J., & Afifi, A. (in press). School Psychologists and the Assessment of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students. Contemporary School Psychology.

Garcia-Joslin, J., Carrillo, G. L., Guzman, V., Vega, D., Plotts, C., & Lasser, J. (in press). Latino immigration: Preparing school psychologists to meet students’ needs. School Psychology Quarterly.

Vega, D., Lasser, J., Plotts, C. (2015). Global Migration: The Need for Culturally Competent School Psychologists. School Psychology International, 36, 358-374.

Jones, T., & Lasser, J. (in press). School Psychology with Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Questioning (GLBTIQ) Youth. In M. Thielking & M. Terjesen (Eds.), Handbook of Australian School Psychology.

Lasser, J., *Dark, L., *Beam, K., *Morris, M., *Shatila, A. (in press). The Multicultural Transformation of a School Psychology Course: Process and Outcomes. Trainers’ Forum.

Klose, L.M., & Lasser, J. (2014). Best Practices in the Application of Professional Ethics. In A. Thomas & P. Harrison (Eds.), Best Practices in School Psychology VI (pp. 449-458). Bethesda, MD: National Association of School Psychologists.

Jantz, P. B., Vega, D., Klose, L.M., & Lasser, J. (2014). Field-based practicum experiences in specialist-level school psychology programs: Implications for graduate preparation. Trainers’ Forum, 33 (1), 38-47.

Bishaw, A., & Lasser, J. (2012/2013). Education in Ethiopia: Past, Present and Future Prospects. African Nebula.

Plotts, C., & Lasser, J. (2013). School Psychologist as Counselor: A Practitioner's Hanbook. Bethesda, MD: NASP.

Martinez, A., & Lasser, J. (2013). Thinking outside the box while playing the game: A creative, school-based approach to working with children and adolescents. Journal of Creativity in Mental Health.

Lasser, J., Klose, L.M., Robillard, R. (2013). Context-sensitive ethics in school psychology. Contemporary School Psychology.

Akinyi, P., Fite, K., & Lasser, J.  (2013). The Kenyan parent in changing times. In H. Selin and P. Schvaneveldt (Eds.), Parenting Across Cultures: Childrearing, Motherhood and Fatherhood in non-Western Cultures. Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Springer.

Klose, L.M., & Lasser, J. (2012). Understanding the role of social psychological phenomenon on parental decision making in educational settings. In G. Rossi (Ed.), Psychology: Selected Papers (pp. 295-306). Rijeka, Croatia: InTech.

Klose, L.M., Lasser, J., Reardon, R. (2012). Effects of Social Psychological Phenomena on School Psychologists’ Ethical Decision-making: An Empirical Analysis. Educational Psychology in Practice.

Lasser, J., Fite, K., & Wadende, P. (2011). Fatherhood in Kenyan ethnic communities: Implication for child development. School Psychology International, 32, 49-57.

Lasser, J., & Fite, K. (2011). Universal preschool's promise: K-12 success. Early Childhood Education Journal, 39, 169-173.

Klose, L.M., Plotts, C., & Lasser, J. (2011). Participants’ Evaluation of Consultation: Implications for Training in School Psychology. Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education.

Lasser, J., Arcos, L., Hicks, M., Slagle, L., Kelly-Kahn, S. (2010). Narrative group supervision. Trainers' Forum: Journal of the Trainers of School Psychologists, 29 (3), 35-50.

Lasser, J., Schmidt, E., Diep, J., & Huebel, A. (2010). Underage rural drinking: Survey data and implications for educators. The Rural Educator, 31 (3), 38-46.

Klose, L.M., Plotts, C., & Lasser, J. (2010). Qualitative analysis of teacher and graduate student evaluations of consultation training experiences. Trainers’ Forum: Journal of the Trainers of School Psychologists, 29 (1), 24-37.

Lasser, J., Ryser, G., & Price, L. (2010). Development of a lesbian, gay, bisexual visibility management scale.  Journal of Homosexuality, 57, 415-428.

Lasser, J., & Corley, K. (2008). Constructing normalcy: A qualitative study of parenting children with Asperger’s disorder.  Educational Psychology in Practice

Plotts, C., Lasser, J., & Prater, S. (2008). Exploring sandplay therapy: Application to individuals with traumatic brain injury.  International Journal of Play Therapy, 17, 138-153.

Lasser, J., & Klose, L.M. (2007). The impact of social psychological phenomena on ethical decision-making.  School Psychology Review, 36, 484-500. 

Courses Taught


Texas State University

  • Child and Adolescent Psychopathology: Advanced Assessment and Intervention (SPSY 5379)
  • Ethics, Standards, and Procedures in Professional Psychology (SPSY 5385)
  • Consultation and Professional Issues in School Psychology (SPSY 5386)
  • Alternative Evaluation, Intervention, and Student Outcomes (SPSY 5398)
  • Practicum in School Psychology (SPSY 5389)
  • Standardized Testing (COUN 5305)
  • Individual and Group Counseling Techniques in School Psychology (SPSY 5380)
  • Psychological Assessment I (EDP 5376)
  • Interviewing, Counseling, and Consulting in School Psychology (SPSY 5300)
  • Internship in School Psychology  (SPSY 6301/6302)
  • Social, Emotional, & Behavioral Assessment (SPSY 5377)
  • Independent Study (ED 7378)


Texas State University

  • University Seminar (US 1100)

Austin Community College

  • Introduction to Psychology (PSY 2301)
  • Human Sexuality (PSY 2306)

Major Activities