John A. Oliver, Ph.D.

John Oliver
Education and Community Leadership
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John A. Oliver, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor of Educational and Community Leadership at Texas State University.  His research interests include the intersection of adult and youth partnerships for community change, and effective partnerships between higher education, schools, and communities. Dr. Oliver’s grant work currently includes Promoting College Going Culture for Historically Underrepresented Students, and an Ethnographic Approach to Policy as Practice. His teaching specialties include understanding the self as an educational leader, the role of school leaders in facilitating school improvement, and the praxis of principal preparation.  Dr. Oliver earned is doctorate from Michigan State University in the area of Educational Administration with a focus in School Leadership; received his M.Ed. from Marygrove College and B.A. from Morehouse College. John was a public school teacher and Assistant Principal in Michigan for over 8 years. Dr. Oliver was also a member of the national evaluation team for the W.K.Kellogg Foundation Leadership For Community Change Project, chair and secretary/historian of the Graduate Student Council for the American Educational Research Association and member of the Social Justice Action Committee for the American Educational Research Association.