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Level I Assessment

The Level 1 Qualifying Assessment is completed near the end of the semester in which the student completes the final or at least fourth Level-1 course. The Level 1 Assessment is scheduled for Friday, April 19th in San Marcos. If you have taken at least 4 Level I courses or in the process of taking the 4th course, you are eligible and should take the exam this semester. On the day of the assessment, please arrive promptly at 3:00 p.m. for a short orientation in Room 4061 in the Education Building in San Marcos. Exams start at 3:30 p.m.


Please click the link above to access the online application for Level 1 Assessment. Students must complete the online application form at least 3 days prior to the assessment process. 
Level One Assessment 


Documentation and Written Assessment Requirements

Students are required to complete the three assignments listed below to be included in the Student Portfolio.  An additional written reflection must be included that addresses the value of completing these assignments and how the student has used each of the assignments as a platform for extending their learning beyond the basic course requirements.  Please note: these assignments form the basis of the Oral Assessment portion listed below. Suggested length for each assignment and reflection is 500 words.

Assignment #1:  Essay, work of art, other type of visual display, or case study showing the relationships between content from different courses AND providing evidence that the student has assessed and made trans-disciplinary thematic links among content studied in different courses. A non-written (e.g., visual, audio) artifact must be accompanied by a written explanation and must be presented orally.

Assignment #2: A written exploration of the student’s developing self-awareness of individual strengths and weaknesses, tied to the professional literature and coursework. The writing should include reflection on specific assessments of the impact of their personal growth and development on their schools and their school leadership praxis.

Assignment #3: A written reflection of the student's goals for the future, in regards to their academic progress, as well as an explicitly outlined plan for achieving these goals based on deep, extensive reflection.

DOCX Level I New Rubric (DOCX, 89.1 KB)

Oral Assessment Requirements

The oral portion of the qualifying assessment will take place with a panel of professors and a small group of students present for their qualifying assessment. The qualifying assessment will consist of an oral presentation on the student’s portfolio (accompanied by visuals), followed by a question and answer session. Both the panel of professors and the students present will provide feedback to each participant about the presentation using the attached rubrics.

The panel of professors will take the feedback of students present at the qualifying assessment into account, but the professors will make the final decisions on the student’s overall rating. The overall rating, agreed upon by panel consensus, will be one of the following: outstanding, good, satisfactory, or unsatisfactory (failure). Students will be notified within a week whether they passed or failed the exam.  Students will receive a written summary of the qualitative feedback by the end of the semester.

A student who fails the qualifying assessment may remain enrolled in the program for the following term. At the conclusion of the following term, the student may re-take the qualifying assessment. If the student fails the qualifying assessment for a second time, they may not enroll for classes again until they pass the assessment. They will not be allowed to re-take the assessment until the end of the following term, when the next general qualifying assessment is offered.

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