Course Descriptions

EDCL Course Offerings and Locations through 2013

(Numerals following courses denote course levels; Levels 1 - 3 Principalship, Level 4 - Superintendent)



· EDCL 5339: Understanding Self 
Successful leadership in organizational settings requires an understanding of human behavior. This understanding begins with the knowledge of self and leads to the understanding of others. The focus of this course is on the individual student. The intent is to enhance the student's self-awareness of values, beliefs, and attitudes related to successful school leadership. Must be taken in first semester of work.
· EDCL 5340: Understanding Organizations 
This course includes an understanding of the basic structural components of educational organizations and the theoretical frameworks which describe organizational behavior. Students will focus on the process of action research, planning decision making, change in organizations and leadership.
Pre or Co-requisite: EDCL 5339
· EDCL 5345: Understanding People 
This course includes fundamental issues related to the development of personnel, entry-level knowledge of staff appraisal, adult learning and development, and staff development.
Prerequisite: EDCL 5339
· EDCL 5347: Understanding Environments 
Concepts of the internal and external environment of educational organizations are explored. Entry level concepts are presented in areas of school environments.
Prerequisite: EDCL 5339
· EDCL 5348: Supervision of Instruction 
Concepts of curriculum and instructional leadership models for schools will be developed. Factors such as curriculum leadership and instructional improvement are considered part of the internal environment of schools.
Prerequisite: EDCL 5339


· EDCL 6342 Curriculum Design 
Theory and practice in planning for curriculum needs assessment, development, implementation and evaluation. Course may not be taken concurrently with EDA 5348.
Prerequisite: All Level I core courses or consent of instructor
· EDCL 6344: Campus Leadership 
Develop student skills as a practitioner in elementary and secondary schools, focusing on the role and functions of the principal as a leader. Activities lead participants to practice skill development in evaluation processes, student activity programs, staffing patterns, site-based decision-making, community relations, accounting procedures, and other skills as a campus leader would assume.
Prerequisites: All Level I core courses; and EDCL 6342, 6343 and 6348, or consent of the instructor
 · EDCL 6348: School Law 
This course examines the constitutional provisions, statutory laws, court decisions, and regulations governing public schools, with special reference to state and federal relationships.
· EDCL 6352: School as Center of Inquiry 
Prepares the educational leader to be an intelligent consumer of research and to assume a leadership role in schoolwide action research. 
Prerequisites: All Level I and II courses or consent of the instructor


· EDCL 6358: Integrative Seminar 
This course integrates key theories, concepts, and principles learned during the student's course of study. The student will complete a paper including an action research plan designed to solve an educational problem present within a specific educational setting. The student will defend the paper during an oral examination.
Prerequisites: Levels I, II, III, and IV or consent of instructor
· EDCL 6387/6388: Field-Based Practicum 
The practicum provides the student the opportunity to develop leadership and management skills needed by practitioners in elementary and secondary schools. Students will develop a practicum proposal based on their personal strengths and weaknesses. Students will practice and develop their administrative skills with hands-on activities. Students will take either six or nine hours of the field-based practicum to meet the requirements for the Principal Certification.
Prerequisites: All Level I, II and III courses or consent of the instructor


· EDCL 6345: Administration and Staff Personnel 
This course examines the organization and administration of professional staffs, positions, and relationships, professional ethics, welfare, professional involvement in policy and curriculum, faculty development.
· EDCL 6347: The Superintendency 
The basic issues of problems confronting the superintendent, such as school buildings: planning, contracting, financing, equipping, fiscal and business management, taxation, budgeting, accounting, administering special services, transportation, food services, custodial services, management of personnel.
· EDCL 6349: School Finance and Business Management 
Study of school funds on local, state, and federal level, budgeting, data processing, systems of accounting and reporting, supply management as related to school efficiency, and maintenance of buildings, grounds, and equipment.
· EDCL 6389 Internship Practicum: Fall Semester (Superintendents) 389 Internship Practicum 
Designed to give prospective school superintendents on-the-job training under the guidance of successful, experienced, practicing school administrators. May be repeated for credit.
· EDCL 6390 Internship Practicum: Spring Semester (Superintendents) 
Continuation of EDCL 6389. May be repeated for credit.