Adult Education Faculty

Name Office  Phone E-mail
Joellen Coryell, Program Coordinator ASBS 311 (512) 245-1856
Robert Reardon ASBS 320 (512) 245-3755
Ann K. Brooks ASBS 323 (512) 245-1936
Clarena Larrotta ASBS 324 (512) 245-2438
Jovita Ross-Gordon ASBS 310 (512) 245-8084
Ann K. Brooks

Ann K. Brooks (Vita) is a Professor of Adult, Professional, and Community Education, Director of the Ph.D. Program in Education, and Honorary Professor of International Studies. Her research focuses on systems of learning in education and work organizations; equity and inclusion; gender; higher education in Southeast Asia; and action inquiry in research and evaluation. She has worked or consulted in Cambodia, China, Japan, South Korea, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Afghanistan, Colombia, and Mexico. She holds an Ed.D. from Columbia University Teachers College in Adult and Higher Education.

Joellen E. Coryell

Joellen E. Coryell (Vita), Associate Professor of Adult, Professional, and Community Education. Dr. Coryell earned a Ph.D. in Educational Human Resource Development from Texas A&M University. Her research focuses on understanding how adult educators and adult learners can use learning and development acquired through dialogue, intercultural experiences, and instructional technologies to improve their own educative practices and cross-cultural competencies. Within this focus, she pursues two distinct areas of research foci namely: 1) international and cross-cultural adult and higher education, including adult foreign and second language acquisition, internationalization of higher education, study abroad, and capacity building in international educational development; and 2) the investment in the professional development of adult educators and educational leaders. She currently has projects/consulting in Italy and Malawi.

Clarena Larrotta

Clarena Larrotta (Vita) is Associate Professor of Adult Education at Texas State University in the Department of Counseling, Leadership, Adult Education, and School Psychology. She draws upon qualitative research methodologies and the practice of engaged scholarship to connect the areas of teaching, research, and service in an organic manner. In collaboration with students and colleagues Larrotta aims to build bridges to connect the rich resources of the university to the most critical social, civic, and ethical problems by educating the adults, children and families in the local community. She aims to create, support, and document possibilities for change at the local and national levels. Her research agenda focuses on adult learning, adults and families’ language and literacy practices as windows into adult English instruction, family literacy, and bilingual/bicultural/diversity education issues.

Robert F Reardon

Robert F. Reardon (Vita), Associate Professor - Educational Administration and Psychological Services. Ph.D. University of Georgia, Department of Adult Education. M.S. North Carolina State University, Department of Chemical Engineering. B.S. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Department of Chemistry. Research interests include workplace learning in manufacturing, K – 20 science education, continuing professional development, and quantitative research methods (factor analysis, survey research, and multivariate regression). He has consulted extensively with the oil and chemical industry in the US.

Jovita M. Ross-Gordon

Jovita M. Ross-Gordon (Vita), Professor of Adult, Professional and Community Education.  She earned her BS and MA from Northwestern University and her EdD from the University of Georgia. Dr. Ross-Gordon’s research centers on teaching and learning of adults, with specific foci on 1) adult learners in higher education, 2) adults with disabilities, and 3) issues of diversity and equity in adult higher education and continuing professional education.  She has received the Marlowe Froke Outstanding Publication Award from the Association for Continuing Higher Education and the research award from the University Continuing Education Association.   She serves as  Co-Editor-in-Chief for the New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education Series and as a Co-Editor of Adult Education Quarterly.