Courses Offered

Adult Education (ADED)

5321 Adult Learning and Development (3-0) This seminar will cover a range of topics of interest to professionals working with adult learners in a variety of settings, including characteristics and motivations of adult learners: theories of adult learning and intelligence; models of adult cognitive and psychological development.

5330 Managing Adult Education (3-0) This course introduces skills and concepts needed to manage adult education programs and organizations within various settings. These include (a) educational institutions such as university continuing education, community colleges, for-profit post- secondary education, and public schools; (b) government; (c) not-for-profit and other non-governmental including community organizations; and (d) business and industry.

5334 Family Literacy (3-0) Family literacy is an intergenerational program that integrates adult literacy and emergent literacy education. This course will provide students with the knowledge and abilities to manage a family literacy program. Students will analyze related learning theories, population needs, program structures, and policy issues, including diversity and accountability.

5335 Applied Research in Adult Education (3-0) An examination of purposes, principles, and methods of current research in adult education. Quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods research design will be investigated as used in applied research including action research, evaluation research, and needs assessment.

5337 Adult Literacy (3-0) The course is designed to provide students with a broad foundation about the needs of undereducated adults, including adult English language learners. Students will analyze and evaluate adult literacy legislation, instruction, research, and delivery systems.

5338 Applied Linguistics for ESL Teachers of Adults (3-0) This course is designed to provide language teachers a practical introduction to the elements of the English language as applied to the teaching of ESL in adult settings; specifically, the course covers English syntactic structure, morphology, and phonology.

5339 Adult Literacy ESL Assessment and Evaluation (3-0) This course is an introduction to assessment of adult students with emphasis on literacy and ESL populations. It is an overview of assessment constructs and social and historical movements in student literacy assessment and evaluation of literacy programs. Emphasis on current strategies in alternative and traditional assessment and evaluation.

5340 Adult Second Language Acquisition (3-0) This course covers topics related to contemporary adult second language acquisition practices. It also examines the complexities of adult second language acquisition and the ways in which limited English-proficient adults learn more efficiently. Class readings and projects address a variety of issues dealing with adult second language acquisition.

5344 Multicultural Perspectives in Postsecondary Education and Adult Education (3-0) This seminar covers a broad range of topics related to diversity within postsecondary and adult education. Course readings and projects relate to a wide variety of settings including colleges and universities, adult literacy programs, the workplace, and community-based organizations. Student taking ADED 5344 may not take ADED 7344 for doctoral level credit.

5345 Current Issues in Adult, Continuing and Professional Education (3-0) A seminar style course focusing on current issues in continuing and professional education including research and professional practice. Specific emphasis will vary depending on changes in contemporary issues. Students taking ADED 5345 may not take ADED 7345 for doctoral level credit.

5378 Problems in Adult Education (3-0) This course is designed to examine topical problems faces by practitioners in adult education. The topic of the course may change. Course may be repeated for credit with different topic.5379 Independent Study (3-0) Individual problems or research topics designed to place emphasis on selected areas of study. May be repeated once for additional credit at the discretion of the department chair.

5382 Foundations of Adult Education (3-0) This course will provide an overview of the field of adult education in its various forms and settings. Topics include (1) historical origins of adult education as a field of study and practice, (2) philosophical perspectives, (3) organization and delivery of adult education, and (4) emerging developments and issues in the profession.

5384 Internship in Adult Education (3-0) The 150 clock hour internship is required of all Adult Education majors. The experience involves instruction and/or administration in an adult education setting and includes orientation to the roles, responsibilities, and functions of professionals in adult education. Graded on a credit (CR), no credit (F) basis. Prerequisites: ADED 5321, ADED 5330, ED 7324, ADED 7325.

5399A Thesis (3-0) This course represents a student’s initial thesis enrollment. No thesis credit is awarded until student has completed the thesis in Adult Education 5399B. Graded on a credit (CR), progress (PR), no credit (F) basis.

5399B Thesis (3-0) This course represents a student’s continuing thesis enrollments. The student continues to enroll in this course until the thesis is submitted for binding. Graded on a credit (CR), progress (PR), no credit (F) basis.

7325 Teaching Adults: Principles and Practices (3-0) Seminar that addresses methods and techniques for effective instruction of adults across a variety of settings and content. Emphasis on concepts, theories, and principles relevant to the selection use, and evaluation of instructional strategies. Participants will have an opportunity to practice strategies that expand their teaching repertoire.

7337 Adult Literacy (3-0) The course is designed to provide students with a broad foundation about the needs of undereducated adults, including adult English language learners. Students will analyze and evaluate adult literacy legislation, instruction, research, and delivery systems.

7342 Adult English as a Second Language Methods and Materials (3-0) This course reviews traditional and contemporary adult language teaching methodologies. It focuses on the design of lessons that integrate listening, speaking, reading, writing, culture and all language skills. This class provides strategies for choosing, adopting, and adapting textbooks that integrate teaching materials appropriate to different adult language learning settings.

7343 Organizational Learning and Development (3-0) The course addresses a range of topics, including the effects of change, methods or organizational change, and factors influencing organizational development success. Students learn the roles of internal and external organizational development consultants, tools, and processes for helping organization members identify problems, gather and analyze information, and implement solutions.