Procedures for Graduate Instructional Assistant Assignment & Selection

Department of Counseling, Leadership, Adult Education, and School Psychology 
Policy and Procedures Statement 3.03                               
Reissued 2/12
Reviewed each even numbered year

Procedures for Graduate Instructional Assistant Assignment & Selection




1.0         This policy provides for the allocation and selection of graduate instructional assistantships (GIA) in the Department of Counseling, Leadership, Adult Education, and School Psychology (CLAS). This policy outlines the procedures, criteria for advertising, selection process, and assignment of faculty mentors for the graduate instructional assistant program. 






·         To provide graduate students with financial support while pursing a masters degree.

·         To attract a diverse and quality student population.

·         To broaden and enhance student academic experiences.

·         To provide a genuine mentorship experience between student and teacher.

·         To provide instructional and research experiences for the graduate student.

·         To develop the graduate student’s professional skills.




3.0           The Faculty Graduate Instructional Assistant Committee will be composed of at least one faculty member from each of the programs in CLAS, including Professional Counseling, Educational Leadership, Adult Education, and School Psychology.  This committee will advertise for applicants using an April 1 deadline for applications and allowing for a minimum of 30 days for the application period.  The department chair will vote only in the case of a tie or the lack of consensus by the committee.


1.      The number of GIAs will be budgeted by the department on an annual basis.  GIAs will work 10 or 20 hours per week. The hours cannot exceed a maximum of 20 hours per week and will be paid at the University rate for graduate assistants.  Graduate instructional assistants will be assigned to faculty mentors on a yearly basis.  Employment starting and ending dates will be September 1 and May 31, respectively, or for the same duration with specific starting and ending dates negotiated with the faculty mentor.  In order to maintain the graduate instructional assistantship, the individual selected must enroll in, and maintain enrollment in a minimum nine (9) semester credit hours of Texas State courses each semester. Counseling interns must be enrolled for a minimum of six (6) semester credit hours during the period of appointment except for the final semester of enrollment. In the Fall semester, each new graduate instructional assistant must enroll in EDP 7310: Instructional Roles in Educational Administration and Psychological Services at no charge to the student.


2.      Faculty who wish to be assigned a GIA must submit a proposal to the Faculty Graduate Instructional Assistant Committee by April 1 preceding the fall semester.  This committee will select the faculty recipients based on the substance of the proposal, the proposal’s incorporation of the GIA program goals, and the overall value of the proposal.  This Committee has the authority and the responsibility to assign the graduate instructional assistants to faculty and their decision is final.  Any faculty member who is not engaged in instructional activities for any part of the academic year is not eligible for a GIA. Faculty awarded a GIA may, at their discretion, share any portion of their GIA hours with other faculty members. A CLAS faculty member may not be assigned both a masters-level GIA and a Ph.D.-level DIA, unless all faculty members at both levels who have submitted acceptable applications for GIAs first have been assigned GIAs.  A faculty member may not exchange a GIA at one level for a GIA at another level unless the GIA originally assigned to the faculty member can be reassigned to a different faculty member by June 1 prior to the academic year for which the assistantship is provided. 


3.      Selection of a student will be on the basis of his or her own merit without regard to the particular program they are enrolled in. Students may be selected to work in a program in which they are not enrolled. 





4.0           The Faculty Graduate Instructional Assistant Committee may develop additional criteria for selection of graduate instructional assistants, which will be reviewed and approved by the CLAS faculty and may be refined yearly, prior to advertising the graduate assistant position.  GIA applicants will be notified of their selection or rejection by May 1.  Those applicants who have been selected for the position must notify the Committee of their acceptance or rejection of the position by May 15.


1.      Minimum eligibility criteria to become a graduate instructional assistant:


  • Enrollment in a graduate program in CLAS as a degree-seeking candidate.
  • Minimum Grade Point Average of 3.00 on all graduate course work, or if just beginning graduate studies, on undergraduate course work.
  • Successful graduate student candidates maintain enrollment in a minimum of nine (9) semester credit hours of graduate courses at Texas State during the semesters they are graduate instructional assistants, except for the final semester of enrollment.  Counseling interns must maintain enrollment in a minimum of six (6) semester credit hours.
  • Texas State employment may not exceed 20 hours during term of GIA appointment without prior approval of the Dean of the Graduate College.


5.0           The minimum eligibility criteria to become a graduate instructional assistant may be supplemented with other criteria as developed by the Graduate Instructional Assistant Committee and approved by the CLAS faculty. Exceptions to the above minimum criteria must be approved by the Dean of the Graduate College and the Vice President for Academic Affairs.  Each year the GIA committee will be responsible for reviewing, editing, and publishing the Graduate Instructional Assistant application.




6.0           The Committee will:


1.      Determine the number of graduate instructional assistant positions available and notify both students and faculty of the date that the application process will begin, end, and where to secure applications.  The announcement should appear at least 30 days prior to the end of the application period. 


2.       Screen all student applications received by April 1 to determine eligibility and create a pool of qualified candidates.



3.      Rank faculty proposals received by April 1 based on the following:



a.       Faculty need

b.      Potential for broadening and enhancing student academic experiences.

c.       Potential to provide quality instructional and research experiences for the student


Note:  Late student applications or faculty proposals will be considered only if there are unfilled positions following consideration of all applications received by April 1.


4.      Make the qualified applicants’ materials available to faculty who have been selected to receive a graduate instructional assistant.  Faculty applicants will then rank the student applicants according to their own needs. The faculty members will then provide the committee with their rankings. After the committee is provided with rankings, the committee will resolve all duplicate rankings by April 15.  A ranking of one (1) will be considered the highest rank.


5.       Assign graduate instructional assistant to selected faculty based on their rankings by May 1.





7.0           Should a GIA be unable or unwilling to perform the tasks assigned by his/her faculty member, the faculty member should first approach the GIA and will have a face-to-face meeting to discuss the concerns and the job requirements. Should the GIA continue to be unable or unwilling to perform the duties assigned at an appropriate level of competence, the GIA may then be terminated. The faculty member will notify the chair and CLAS Administrative Assistant of the action specifying the reason for termination. This PCR should specify the reason for separation. The GIA may appeal the faculty member’s decision to the department chair within 14 days of being terminated. The chair has 5 working days to consider the appeal. The decision of the chair is final.


Replacement selection process:


a.       The committee will appoint a person to fill the remaining term from students in the applicant pool who had not been initially selected. 


b.      If no remaining students in the applicant pool are available, the committee, in collaboration with the faculty mentor, may conduct a search to determine qualified applicants.  The search will consist of the filing of applications by students, review of the applications by the committee and the faculty mentor, and selection of a qualified candidate by the committee. 


Approved by CLAS faculty—25 April 2012