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Dr. Debra Feakes

Undergraduate Advising

 Undergraduate academic advising for those students who are pursuing a major in Chemistry or Biochemistry can meet with an advisor in the College of Science Advising Office in Centennial Hall, Room 202 (512-245-1315).
Chemistry, Biochemistry, and pre-Pharmacy students may also schedule an appointment with the Department’s Undergraduate Academic Advisor, Dr. Wendi David, at


Graduate Advising

 Chemistry and Biochemistry Graduate Students seeking academic advising should contact the Department’s Graduate Advisor, Dr. Chad Booth at .

Dr. James Irvin

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Advising FAQs

Who is my advisor?

Dr. David is the academic advisor for all undergraduate Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Pre-pharmacy students. Her office is located in CENT 340A. Email questions to During pre-registration times in the Fall and Spring semesters, sign up for advising appointments on the Chem & Biochem TRACS site. For all other appointments, schedule by email.

You can also get advising from the College of Science and Engineering Advising office, located in CENT 202.  Appointments are scheduled by phone only at 512-245-1315; see:
If you need Pre-med or Pre-health professions advising, contact either Dr. Marilyn Banta or Dr. Carolyn Pesthy. See:
For Pre-veterinary advising, contact Dr. Elizabeth Benavides in the Agriculture department at 512-245-2130.
If you are a Chemistry or Biochemistry graduate student, contact Dr. Chad Booth at



When can I register for classes?

You can determine your access time periods by logging into Self Service Banner Student menu. For instructions, visit the Registrar’s Office web page



Why won’t CATSWEB let me sign up for the chemistry class I need?

1) If you are getting a prerequisite error when you are registering, check the following:
Look on Self Service Banner (SSB) for the prerequisites for that course. If you did NOT take the prerequisite course(s) you will not be able to register for any course which requires the prerequisite(s). If you took the prerequisite course at another institution, check your Texas State transcript (NOT degree audit) on-line to make sure that it is showing up as the correct course and not an ELNA.  If a course shows up as an ELNA, you will always need an override for any course that requires that course as a prerequisite. If the course was already evaluated, then it will be quicker to get the second (third and fourth) overrides, but they will all need to be done each semester. Contact Science Advising (512-245-1315, or Dr. David ( for the override.
If you took the prerequisite course but it does not show up on your transcript yet, send a copy of your transcript to Dr. David when you request the prerequisite override. Make sure you include your Texas State ID number in all correspondence.
2) Make sure that you are signing up for the class and lab in the correct order. SSB can tell you which course has which prerequisite or corequisite.
Example 1: You want to take Gen Chem I and lab. You have the College Algebra prerequisite. You need to sign up for CHEM 1341 first and then CHEM 1141.
Example 2: You are in Gen Chem I and lab and want to take Gen Chem II and the lab. You need to sign up for Chem 1342 first and then CHEM 1142. (This is true for all situations when you are taking the class and the corresponding lab in the same semester. Sign up for the lecture first and then the lab.)
Example 3: You are in Gen Chem II lecture, but NOT the lab and want to take Gen Chem II lecture and Gen Chem I lab. You need to sign up for CHEM 1141 first and then CHEM 1342. (This is true for all situations when you are taking the lab a semester behind the lecture. Sign up for the lab first and then the lecture.)

I really need to take a chemistry class that is closed. What do I do?

If you can't get into your class during normal registrations DON'T PANIC!
1) Keep trying to register during all your open access times throughout late registration and schedule changes
2) If you can’t get into the course after late registration, notify Dr. David that you are trying to register for the course
3) Attend the first day of class and notify the professor of the course that you are trying to register for the course
4) If the closed class is a lab course, do not attend the lab, but email the professor about any options you may have to register. Currently enrolled students sometimes drop the course and you may be able to add the lab.
5) If schedule changes on Self Service Banner (SSB) have ended, still keep checking SSB to see if there has been a drop. If there is a drop after SSB schedule changes close, but before 12th class day, then go to the Chemistry Department office (CHEM238) and ask to be added to a lab administratively.



Can I have a closed class override?

Closed class overrides for lecture courses may be approved by the professor for the course based on availability. Closed class overrides for laboratory courses can not be given since lab sizes are limited by safety considerations.



I tried to register for a chemistry class I need, but it’s not offered.

Most lower level courses are offered every semester and in the summer, including General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and labs. Quantitative Analysis and Fundamentals of Biochemistry are also offered every semester. Almost all upper level chemistry and biochemistry courses are only offered once a year and it is important to plan your schedule so that you don’t delay graduation. You should make an appointment for advising every semester to make sure you are on track for your degree. Contact Science Advising (512-245-1315) or Dr. David ( to make an advising appointment.
Fall only courses include: CHEM 3330, 3341, 3375, 3390, 4231, 4331, 4360, and 4481
Spring only courses include: CHEM 3245, 3381, 3340, 3380, 4241, and 4382



How do I register if I have an academic hold?

Students who have an academic hold must meet with an advisor in Science Advising (or the college advising center for their degree program) before they are allowed to register. Departmental advisors can’t remove academic holds.



I’m thinking about changing my major. What do I need to do?

If you want to change your major to another major in the College of Science and Engineering, you will need to schedule an appointment with the College of Science and Engineering Advising Center (512-245-1315). If you want to change your major to a degree that is not in the College of Science and Engineering, you will need to contact the advising center for the College that includes your degree program. It is important to keep in mind that some courses you have already taken may not count towards a different major.