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 Attention ALL Chemistry and Biochemistry Majors:

In response to American Chemical Society certification requirements, the following course has been added to your degree plan :

3341 Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry. (3-0) An analysis of atom­ic, molecular, and solid state bonding and structure with an emphasis on coordination compounds and bioinorganic chemistry. Representative compounds and reactions of the elements will be surveyed. Prerequisite: CHEM 2342 with a grade of “C” or higher.

This course is a required course and is not optional.  In addition, if you are a Chemistry major CHEM 3341 is a prerequisite for Advanced Inorganic Chemistry (CHEM 4341).  It is recommended that you take CHEM 3341 during the fall semester of your junior year if you are a biochemistry major and during the fall semester of your senior year if you are a chemistry major.  The course is only offered in the fall semester.

Contact the departmental advisor, Dr. Wendi David, at chemadvising@txstate.edu with any questions you may have concerning when to enroll in CHEM 3341.

2013 Chemistry (PDF, 92 KB)
2013 Biochemistry (PDF, 180 KB)