The Master of Science in Biochemistry at Texas State

The M. S. in Biochemistry is a research degree that normally requires two years full-time course work and research to complete. The degree requirements include 30 graduate hours composed of 18 hours of lecture course work and 12 hours of thesis research support courses. The biochemistry emphasis includes courses in enzymology, physical biochemistry, molecular biology plus three elective courses. Students who do not have a prior undergraduate biochemistry course are required to take Biochemistry (CHEM 5375) as a graduate leveling course. Elective courses are offered in organic chemistry, environmental chemistry, molecular modeling and spectroscopy (occasionally courses covering different topics are offered). The research support courses consist of seminar, introduction to research and thesis.

 Lab Instructor Application Information: The Department offers graduate teaching assistantships that currently pay $1,234 per month. These assistantships are awarded on the basis of the student's background and potential and are filled on a first come, first served basis to qualified students. Application forms may be obtained from the Chemistry Office. Research assistantships are obtained from individual faculty through their research funding. Normally these assistantships support students during the summer months when they are pursuing their research full time.

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