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Early Entry MS Program

Early-Entry Combined
Bachelor of Science/ Master of Science
Major in Chemistry or Biochemistry
Qualified chemistry majors completing their junior year of chemistry or biochemistry courses who plan to pursue advanced studies in Chemistry or Biochemistry have the opportunity to complete both a BS and MS degrees with two additional years (including summers) of course work and research in chemistry.
Students may be admitted to the M.S. program without entrance qualification exams if they have a 3.0 GPA or higher in all chemistry courses, will have completed the standard B.S. curriculum through CHEM 3340 & CHEM 3245 for Chemistry and CHEM 3275 & CHEM 3380 for Biochemistry by the end of the Spring 2007 semester, have completed or will complete two semesters of CHEM 4299, have taken or will take the Graduate Record Exam this year, and have been accepted by a graduate thesis advisor. Applicants will be evaluated by the Graduate Evaluation Committee to determine their suitability to enter the program. The application process is the same as for other graduate applicants through the Graduate College. Graduate status is provisional until the award of the B.S. degree.
The graduate courses taken in the senior year toward the M.S. degree are as follow: Seminar, CHEM 5110, a three hour graduate elective approved by the graduate advisor; Fundamentals of Research, CHEM 5395; Thesis, CHEM 5399A. After admission to the graduate college, twenty additional hours (including a research thesis) plus successful completion of a comprehensive examination is required for the MS degree.
Students completing 128 semester hours will be eligible for graduation with a B.S. degree. The M.S. degree will be awarded only after completion of all required coursework and the successful defense of a research thesis.
Applications for Chemistry and Biochemistry are due April 16 for entry in Fall.