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Selected Publications

David C. Easter, “Factors Influencing Student Prerequisite Preparation for and Subsequent Performance in College Chemistry Two:  A Statistical Investigation,” Journal of Chemical Education, 87, 535-540 (2010).

Meghan N. Lawson, Michael T. Blanda, Sara J. Staggs, Lauren N. Sederholm, and David C. Easter*, “Computational Studies of the Cone and 1,2,3 Alt Calix[6]arene Bis-Crown-4- Isomers:  NMR Shifts, Atomic Charges, and Steric Compression,” Journal of Physical Organic Chemistry, 22, 1212-1224 (2009).

David C. Easter, Jessica A. Roof, and Laura Jeanne Butts, “A Monte Carlo Study of Isomers and Structural Evolution in Benzene-Cyclohexane Clusters:  (C6H6)(C6H12)n, n = 3-7,12.” Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 111, 12914-12931 (2007).

David C. Easter, David A. Terrell, and Jessica A. Roof, "Monte Carlo Studies of Isomers, Structures, and Properties in Benzene-Cyclohexane Clusters:  Computation Strategy and Its Application to the Dimer and Trimer, (C6H6)(C6H12)n, n = 1-2," Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 109, 673-89 (2005).

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David C. Easter and Kent A. Davis, “Experimentally Observed van der Waals Modes and Computed Structures of Benzene-Cyclohexane Clusters, BCn, n=1-3,” Chemical Physics Letters, 380, 471-79 (2003).
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Chemistry A, 107, 7733-42 (2003).
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