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Selected Publications

Dr. Gary Beall is the author of over 100 open literature papers, and the inventor on 41 U.S. patents.

Furman, Benjamin R.; Wellinghoff, Stephen T.; Thompson, Paul M.; Beall, Gary W.; Laine, Richard M.; Rawls, H. Ralph. Preparation, Characterization, and Modeling of  -Zirconium Phosphonates with Ether-Functional Surfaces. Chemistry of Materials , published on line August 12, 2008 in press.
Adame, Daniel; Beall, Gary W., “Direct Measurement of the Constrained Polymer region in Polyamide/Clay Nanocomposites and the Implications for Gas Diffusion”, Applied Clay Science (2008), doi:10.1016/j.clay.2008.03.005.
Ji, Chang; Day, Shannon E.; Ortega, Stephanie A.; Beall, Gary W.. Henry's Law Constants of Some Aromatic Aldehydes and Ketones Measured by an Internal Standard Method. Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data (2008), 53(5), 1093-1097.
Bartels, J.; Beall, G. W.; Grah, M.; Jin, K.; Speer, D.; Yarbrough, J. Intercalated clays from pentaerythritol stearate for use in polymer nanocomposites. Journal of Applied Polymer Science (2008), 108(3), 1908-1916.
Beall, Gary W.; Powell, Clois E.; Hancock, Jesse; Kindinger, Megan; McKenzie, Heather R.; Bray, Alan V.; Booth, Chad J. Physical properties of CBDO based co-polyterephthalate nanocomposites. Applied Clay Science (2007), 37(3-4), 295-306.
Powell, Clois E.; Beall, Gary W.. Physical properties of polymer/clay nanocomposites. Current Opinion in Solid State & Materials Science (2006), 10(2), 73-80.
Booth, Chad J.; Kindinger, Megan; McKenzie, Heather R.; Handcock, Jesse; Bray, Alan V.; Beall, Gary W.. Copolyterephthalates containing tetramethylcyclobutane with impact and ballistic properties greater than bisphenol A polycarbonate. Polymer (2006), 47(18), 6398-6405.
Beall, Gary W.; Murugesan, Suresh; Galloway, Heather C.; Koeck, Deborah C.; Jarl, Jeremy; Abrego, Francine. Molecular modeling and synthesis of polymers for use in applications requiring a low-k dielectric. Polymer (2005), 46(25), 11889-11895.
Kovar, Robert F.; Campbell, Thomas; Ocnos, Greg; Belcher, James; Beall, Gary. Nanocomposite elastomeric sheath system for leading edges on composite rotor blades. International SAMPE Symposium and Exhibition (2005), 50(New Horizons for Materials and Processing Technologies), 600-608.
Beall, Gary W.; Goss, Marcus. Self-assembly of organic molecules on montmorillonite. Applied Clay Science (2004), 27(3-4), 179-186.
Beall, Gary W., "The use of organo-clays in water treatment", Applied Clay Science (2003), 24 (1-2), 11-20.
Beall, Gary W.; Goss, Marcus, "Self-assembly of organic molecules on montmorillonite" (In Press)
Beall, Gary W.; Shirin, Zahida; Harris, Stewart; Wooten, Mickey; Smith, Casey; Bray, Alan, "Development of an Ablative insulation material for ramjet application" (In Press)
Beall, Gary W.; Murugesan, Suresh; Galloway, Heather C.; Koeck, Dedorah C.; Jarl, Jeremy; Abrego, Francine, "Molecular modeling and synthesis of polymers for use in applications requiring a low-k dielectric" (Accepted)
Gary W. Beall "A New Conceptual Model for Interpreting Nanocomposite Behavior", Polymer Nanocomposites, John Wiley & Sons, London, January 2001
Gary W. Beall "Nanocomposities a New Frontier in Material Science" Proceeding of Euroclay '99, September 5-9, Krakow, Poland (1999)