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Welcome to the Hudnall Research Group Page!


.:  Main Group Chemistry:  applications in renewable energy and materials



Our research is concerned with the chemistry of both organic and organometallic polyfunctional ambiphilic molecules.  We are a group of synthetic organometallic chemists, whose ultimate goals are to harness and utilize the cooperative effects in these molecules for the discovery of novel bonding interactions, reactivity toward small molecules and catalysis.  In particular, our research is interested in the activation small molecules of industrial and biological importance (i.e., H2, NH3, CO, HF and CO2).


Synthesis:  At the heart of our research program lie the syntheses of organic and organometallic complexes.  Our synthesis requires the manipulation of oxygen/moisture sensitive reagents, and therefore our preparation techniques include the use of glove boxes and Schlenk lines to carry out air-free synthesis.  Ultimately we strive to develop high-yielding synthetic routes to the desired compounds.


Small Molecule Activation:  We ultimately strive to develop novel materials and complexes which are competent for the activation of small molecules.  Such materials and complexes should appeal to a broad spectrum of chemists ranging from those interested in materials science, molecular recognition, storage of gases, and catalysis.


Students who carry out their research in the Hudnall group will learn a variety synthetic and analytical techniques ranging from the manipulation of highly sensitive compounds to multinuclear NMR spectroscopy to single-crystal x-ray diffraction. 


About Professor Hudnall




B.S., Texas State University, Chad Booth

Ph.D., Texas A&M, François P. Gabbaï

Postdoctoral Research, University of Texas, Christopher W. Bielawski


Dr. Hudnall's CV


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Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

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