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Fall 2017 Undergraduate Women's Studies Course Offerings

Women's Studies Courses offered Fall 2017

Course offerings are subject to change. For any questions on required Women's Studies courses, contact the Center for Diversity and Gender Studies and/or refer to the course catalog. For questions on courses offered by other departments, contact the department the course is offered by.


ANTH 3324. Mexican American Culture.

An examination of the history and culture of Mexican Americans with an emphasison the analytical concepts of culture, race, class, and gender. Lectures, films, and selected readings (including chapters from anthropological and literary books and journals) will be used to portray the diversity of Mexican American experiences in this country. Topics include religion, politics, economy, identity politics, popular culture, sexuality, marriage and the family. (MULT)


COMM 3328. Communication and Gender.

Investigates the interactive nature of communication and gender, the creation of gender identities, and the role of gender and communication in a variety of settings. Prerequisites: COMM 2315; Full major or minor status. (MULT) (WI)


HIST 3373 B. U.S. Women’s History (Special Topics in American Women’s History).

Study of the diversity of women’s experiences in the United States from 1890 to the present. The social, economic, political, and intellectual realms of women’s worlds, both public and private, are explored. (WI)


PHIL 3325. Philosophy of Sex and Love.

Critical survey of major thinking on sex and love from ancient to modern times. (WI)


SOCI 3350. Men, Women, and Societies.       

This course examines the relations between male and female roles throughout the world, including the United States, Europe, and third world countries. Special attention is given to changes in these roles and the consequences of such changes for societies, including familial, marital, and sexual relationships. (MULT)

Women's Studies

WS 3376. Images of Women.

This course, one of two multidisciplinary team-taught women's studies courses, is a survey of the changing images of women in the U.S. since 1800 through the eyes of historians, writers, artists, orators, the media, and educators. (MULT)

WS 4388. Independent Research in Women’s Studies.

Independent study course open to advanced students on an individual or small group basis. The research area in Women’s Studies, bibliography, and study paper outline are to be approved by the instructor