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Summer 2017 Undergraduate Diversity Studies Courses

Diversity Studies Courses offered Summer 2017

Course offerings are subject to change. For any questions on required Diversity Studies courses, contact the Center for Diversity and Gender Studies and/or refer to the course catalog. For questions on courses offered by other departments, contact the department the course is offered by.


ANTH 1312. Cultural Anthropology

In this course students examine the nature of cultural variation of populations in the present and recent past. Its subjects include social, political, economic, and ideological aspects of human cultures.


HIST 3359. African American History

A survey of African-American history, 1619 to the present. Emphases include African and European backgrounds, hemispheric slavery, slavery in early America, the antislavery movement, the Civil War and Reconstruction, post-Reconstruction culture and society, and Civil Rights movement

HIST 3372. Texas History: A survey

A one-semester survey of Texas History which will emphasize political, economic and social development from prehistory to the twentieth century. (WI)

HIST 4372. Mexican American History

A survey of the political, economic, and social-cultural role of the Mexican-American in United States from the era of Spanish colonization to the present. (WI)

Mass Communication

MC 4310. International Communication.

A study of media systems worldwide in different socioeconomic contexts and an examination of patterns of international communication flow


REL 1300. World Religions.

This course will be a survey and comparative study of the major religions of the world including Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, and the Indigenous Religions. Recommended as an entry course for religion minors


SOCI 3327. Multicultural Relations.

 The nature and the problems inherent in racial and other minority groups, with special reference to the American scene

SOCI 3350. Men, Women, and Societies.

This course examines the relations between male and female roles throughout the world, including the United States, Europe, and third world countries. Special attention is given to changes in these roles and the consequences of such changes for societies, including familial, marital, and sexual relationships. (MULT)


SPAN 3371. Spanish-American Civilization.

Students will study the cultures of Latin America and the Hispanic U.S. The course provides a background of the history and civilization of both groups. Prerequisite: SPAN 3308 with a grade of ā€œCā€ or higher. (MULT) (WI)