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Women's History Month Celebration 2008


Keynote Speaker

Katie G. Harvey
President, KGB Texas

President and CEO of KGBTexas, a multi-million dollar public relations, marketing and advertising agency headquartered in San Antonio.

2008 Outstanding Women of Texas State University

Roseann Mandziuk, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Communication Studies      

Jonnie Wilson
Assistant Director, Multicultural Student Affairs

Graduate Student
Allana Welsh, Biology

Undergraduate Student
Brittney Leigh Patton, Criminal Justice/Psychology

Honored Alumnae


College of Applied Arts
Vanessa Victoria Valdez, B.S., Criminal Justice, 2006  

Emmett & Miriam McCoy College of Business Administration
Christine R. Griffith, B.B.A., Accounting, 1991

College of Education
Yolanda Almendarez, B.S., 1969, Education
Elementary Certification

College of Fine Arts and Communication
Katie Harvey, B.S., Journalism, 1991

College of Health Professions
Shawn McCormick, A.S., Respiratory Thearpy, 1978
B.S., Health Professions, 1985

College of Liberal Arts
Diane Hirsch, B.A., Political Science, 1982    

College of Science
Tyra Montgomery, B.S., Chemistry, 1981
M.S., Chemistry, 1984

Texas State University Past Honorees

2005:   Patti Giuffre, Ph.D.
            Associate Professor of Sociology

2006:   Jocelyn Pollock, Ph.D.
            Professor of Criminal Justice

2005:   Joanne Smith, Ph.D.
            Vice President for Student Affairs

2006:   Jane Hughson
            Assistant Director, Computing Support Services

Graduate Student
2006:   Priscilla Delgado
            Interdisciplinary Studies, Bilingual Studies

Undergraduate Student
2005:   Kelly Smith, Sociology
            Kara Sweidel, Applied Sociology

2006:   Ashley Weaver
            Interdisciplinary Studies, Early Childhood Education

2005:   Lisa Dvorak B.S., Education, 1977
            Ponce "Heloise" Cruse Evans, B.S., Education 1974
            Karon K. Guenther, Psychology, attended 1970-1973
            LinDa Randon Gundy, B.S., Criminal Justice

2006:  Tricia Tingle, B.S., Education, 1978
           Judy Bishop, B.S., Home Economics, 1963
           M.S., Curriculum and Instruction, 1993
           Nelwyn Moore, B.S., Home Economics, 1951
           M.Ed, 1996

Keynote Speakers
2005:   Lydia Blanchard, Ph.D.
            Chair, Department of English (1993-2005)
2006:  Nina Vaca-Humrichouse, Distinguished Alumna
           B.A., Speech Communications, Business Administration, 1994
           CEO, Pinnacle Technical Resources


Women’s History Month Committee

Dr. Sandra Mayo, Center for Multicultural and Gender Studies, Chair       

Ms. Gayle Gordon Bouzard, Sociology

Ms. Dorothy Evans, Alumni Relations

Ms. Mary Gibson, Multicultural and Gender Studies

Ms. Pam Lemoine, Liberal Arts

Ms. Margaret Lindsey, San Marcos Area Chamber of Commerce

Dr. Audrey McKinney, Philosophy

Ms. Patsy Pohl, English

Ms. Kim Porterfield, Community Relations

Ms. Bettina Ramon, Multicultural and Gender Studies

Ms. Rebekah Ross-Fountain, Philosophy

Ms. Claudia Lori Trevino, Multicultural Student Affairs

Ms. Rosina Valle, San Marcos School District


Advancement for Women in Higher Education

Alumni Relations
Center for Multicultural and Gender Studies

of Liberal Arts

Community Relations

Department of English

Department of Political Science

Department of Sociology

Emmett and Miriam McCoy College of Business Administration

Office of Professional Development

President’s Council for Women in Higher Education

Office of University Marketing

University Seminar Office 

Special Thanks to University Marketing

Office of University Marketing - program and promotional materials


  Roxana Tuff - luncheon exhibit Curator - Dept. of Art & Design

     Pam Lemoine - design and donation of table centerpieces

            Outreach Coordinator - College of Liberal Arts




Women’s History Month Events


National Women’s History Month Project 2008

2008 Theme
Women's Art Women's Vision

To honor the originality, beauty, imagination, and multiple dimensions of women’s lives, we have chosen Women’s Art: Women’s Vision as the theme for the 2008 National Women’s History Month.

This is the story of amazing women's accomplishments that were acclaimed at the time but eventually ignored by history. Join us in ensuring that their achievements are never forgotten.

This year’s theme provides a special opportunity to discover and celebrate women’s visual arts in a variety of forms and mediums that help expand our perceptions of ourselves and each other.

National Women’s History Month Project 2008 Honorees 

* Judy Chicago - 1939; Painter/Printmaker/Tapestry/Needlework

* Harmony Hammond - 1954; Painter

* Edna Hibel - 1917; Colorist

* Lihua Lei - 1966; Multimedia Installation

* Rose Cecil O’Neill - 1874-1944; Painter, Illustrator, Sculptor

* Violet Oakley - 1874-1961; Muralist, Stained Glass Artist

* Jaune Quick-To-See-Smith - 1940; Abstract Painter/Lithographer

* Faith Ringgold - 1934; Painter/Quilter

* Miriam Schapiro - 1923; Print/ Painter

* Lorna Simpson - 1960; Photographer

* Nancy Spero - 1926; Painter

* June Claire Wayne - 1918; Painter/Lithographer