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2nd World Congress on Matriarchal Studies

Societies of Peace: Past, Present, Future


During the last thirty years, a scientific theory and methodology has been practiced called "Modern Matriarchal Studies." This new social science explores historical as well as contemporary societies that exhibit features defined as "matriarchal."

This methodology uncovers the matriarchal cultural roots worldwide and recognizes the role of women in the development of human societies during long periods of history. In this way, it creates a new pattern of research and a new paradigm of knowledge and cultural development.

The 2nd World Congress on Matriarchal Studies is sponsored by Genevieve Vaughan (USA) and directed by Heide Gottner-Adendroth (Germany), who guided the 1st World Congress on Matriarchal Studies in Luxembourg. It is organized by the Center for the Study of the Gift Economy (Austin, Texas) and International Academny Hagia (Germany) and co-sponsored at Texas State University-San Marcos by the Center for Multicultural and Gender Studies (San Marcos, Texas)

The lecturers and speakers, indigenous and non-indigenous women and men, are coming together from Asia, Africa and Europe, from the United States and other nations of the Americas. The invited speakers include: Yvette Abrahams, Jeanette Armstrong, Veronika Bennholdt-Thomsen, Helene Claudot-Hawad, Wilhelmina J. Donkoh, Heide Gottner-Abendroth, Kaarina Kailo, Barbara Mann, Joan Marler, Vicki Noble, Peggy Reeves Sanday, Genevieve Vaughan, Claudia von Werlhof , and many others

Texas State University-San Marcos
University Performing Arts Center
(on the corner of Moore Street and Ranch Road 12.

San Marcos, Texas, USA
Thursday, September 29
Friday, September 30
Saturday, October 1
Sunday, October 2
all day
all day
all day
closing festival (Austin)

Links Conference Web Site (register here) International ACADEMY HAGIA for Modern Matriarchal studies and Matriarchal Spirituality Center for the Study of the Gift Economy