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Summer 2017 Graduate Diversity Studies Courses

Course offerings are subject to change. For any questions on required  Women's and Gender Studies courses, contact the Center for Diversity and Gender Studies and/or the course catalog. For questions on courses offered outside the department,  contact the department the course is offered by.

Curriculum & Instruction

CI 5330. Multicultural Teaching and Learning.

Course topics include multicultural education theory and principles; research; current issues and trends; culturally responsive curriculum, teaching methods and materials, and teaching English language learners. Students will explore their cultures and other cultures to develop knowledge and sensitivity needed to teach in a multicultural multilingual society


ENG 5395. Problems in Language and Literature.

Recent emphases include literary technique and literary theory. Repeatable with different emphases for up to nine hours of English credit


HIST 5325D. History of Mexico

This class is a Graduate Seminar covering the History of Post-Revolutionary Mexico. This course will explore the history of Mexico since the Revolution, including the social, cultural, and economic legacies of the Revolution, as well as the process of State building, one party rule, globalization, and the transition to democracy

HIST 5346. African American History

This course is an intensive readings and research seminar in African American History. Through the uses of lectures, biographies, institutional histories and community studies, students will be introduced to the different interpretive themes and methodologies that have created the myriad of historical interpretations and reinterpretations of African American History

HIST 5382. China and the Modern World

This course examines Chinese relations with the modern world from 1800 to the present, focusing on the external aggression and internal transformation between 1839 and 1945; the split into two Chinas in 1949; the mainland China/Taiwan developments, interactions between the two Chinese governments and among the world community since then

HIST 5395E. Gandhi and Non-Violence Movement

In this course students explore how writers have narrated Gandhi’s life and interpreted his historical role. Students will research aspects of Gandhi’s life using primary sources. The focus of the course will be the study of material left out of histories on Gandhi and reasons for omitted material

Mass Communication

MC 5310. International Communication Issues

This course examines the media systems worldwide in different socioeconomic contexts and studies the patterns of international information flow. The course includes theories governing international communication. Students learn how and why communication takes place between different nations and the impact of this communication on individual nations.

MC 5322. International Advertising and Public Relations Issues.

This course examines multinational advertising and public relations organizations and how they function in a global marketplace. Students learn how these organizations serve specific client needs in increasingly complex societies and cultures


SOCI 5370. Multicultural Relations

Examines the dynamics of dominant subordinate social groups. Focuses on racial, ethnic, and class differences.