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Multicultural Curriculum Transformation: Faculty Honor Roll

Multicultural Curriculum Transformation and Research Institute Honorees

Under each college is a list of years in which that college participated in the MCTRI Institute. The years present indicate that individuals have successfully completed the two-week or one-week Institute and transformed one or more courses to receive an official Texas State multicultural designation. Those individuals depicted with an asterisk (*) successfully transformed, in consultation with the Institute Director, one or more courses to receive an official Texas State multicultural designation.

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College of Applied Arts


Dr. Lesli M. Biediger-Friedman NUTR 3363 –Wellness Nutrition

Dr. Sally Jones SOWK 5328 -Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Aging

Dr. Ann Du Pont FM 3335 Prehistory to Renaissance- Textiles, Dress, and Adornment


Dr. Melissa Y. Delgado FCD 2351: Child Development


Ron Reed ID 4323: Studio III: Research/Environmental Design

Dr. Anne Deepak SOWK 3305: Human Behavior in the Social Environment


Dr. Betsy Wisner SOWK 5326: Advanced Social Work Practice I: Intervention with Individuals

Dr. Elizabeth Blunk FCD 3356: Introduction to Early Childhood Intervention


Dr. Christine Norton SOWK 5327: Advanced Social Work Practice III: Interventions with Groups

Dr. Keila Tyner FM 2331: Culture and Consumer Behavior

Andrew Nance ID 4324: Contemporary Issues in Design

Dr. Georgen Guerrero CJ 2355: Correction Systems and Practices

Dr. Angela Ausbrooks SOWK 5311: Human Behavior in the Social Environment


Dr. Raphael Travis SOWK 5313: Practice I

Dr. Scott Bowman CJ 4309D: Race, Ethnicity, and Criminal Justice

Dr. Albert S. Dietz CJ 3347: Statistics for Criminal Justice


Laura Summerhill-Coleman SOWK 1350: Intro to Social Work


Dr. Douglas Morrish ASD 4311: Instructional Methods from Career and Technology Educators

Dr. Barbara Pevoto CATE 3313D: Leadership and Professional Development


Dr. Karol Blaylock FM 2331: Fashion Merchandising

Dr. Ani Yazedjian FCD 3355: Marriage and Family

Dr. Mary Tijerina SOWK 2375: Social Services in the Community

McCoy College of Business


David Cameron MGT 4335 - Magement Capstone

Mary Spaeth MGT 3353 - Business Communications


Jennifer Lynn Krou CIS 3317 - e-Business

Arthur “Wayne” Noll MKT 4396 - Directed Study of Professional Selling


Dr. Yvonne Eixmann MGT 4373: Human Resource Management


Dr. Lawrence Fulton QMST 2333: Business Statistics

Dr. Kristen Ploeger CIS 3380: Enterprise Information Technology and Business Intelligence


Dr. Patricia Pattison BLAW 3367: Employment Law

                                BLAW 5368C: The Employment Relationship

Dr. Janet Payne FIN 3316: Financial Information Technology


Dr. Christine Heuring MGT 3353: Business Communication

Robert Ellison ACC 2362: Introduction to Managerial Accounting


Dr. Ruth Taylor MTK 4310: International Marketing

Dr. Ha-Chin Yi FIN 5338: International Investments and Financial Management


Kevin Jetton CIS 3317: e-Commerce

Dr. Janet Riola Hale BLAW 3363: International Business Law*


Dr. Enrique Becerra MKT 4310: International Marketing

                                MKT 5330: International Marketing

Dr. Brian Miller MGT 4373: Human Resource Management


Diana Hinkson MGT 3303: Management of Organizations


Judy Dietert MGT 3303: Principles of Management*

College of Education


Ellen Ducahine SPED 5360- Survey of Exceptionality

Karen Meaney ESS 3321- Physical Activities for Elementary Students

Sharon O'Neal RDG 5340 - Connecting Reading and Writing

Desiree Vega SPSY 5398 - Alternative Evaluation, Intervention and Student Outcomes


Dr. Jon S. Lasser SPSY 5300 - Interviewing, Counseling and Consulting in School Psychology

Dr. Minda Lopez RDG 3320 - Integrating Reading and Writing


Dr. Nathan Bond CI 5333: Secondary Curriculum


Dr. Gail K. Roaten COUN 5338: Advanced Issues In School Counseling

Laura Davis, M.Ed. RDG 3321: Literacy Instruction


Dr. Michelle Pope PE 3329: Introduction to Motor Learning

Dr. Charise Pimentel CI 5314: Human Growth and Development


Dr. Barbara Davis CI 5326: Curriculum and Management in the Elementary and Middle School (K-6)


Dr. Gwynne Ellen Ash RDG 4310: Literacy in the Content Areas

                                    RDG 3315: Reading Assessment and Instruction

Dr. Lori Czop Assaf RDG 3320: Integrating Reading and Writing

                                RDG 3321: Developmental Reading EC-4

                                RDG 5322: Teaching Reading in the Elementary and Middle Schools

                                RDG 5345: Classroom Diagnostic-Perspective Reading Instruction


Dr. Kelly Wilson H.Ed. 2340: Community Health


Dr. Maurice Johnson PE 5390: Seminar in the Theory of Competitive Sports

Dr. Emily Summers CI 5372: Philosophical Foundations of Education


Dr. Neva Kelly CI 5330: Multicultural Teaching and Learning

Dr. Judy Leavell RDG 3312: Reading


Dr. Maria de la Colina RDG 4320: Literacy Education for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Children*

College of Fine Arts and Communication


Michelle Dahlenburg TH 3370 - Creative Drama

Jason Reed ARTS 2361 - Foundations of Photography I


Dr. Erina Duganne ARTH 3306 – History of Photography


Dr. Nico Schuler MU 5355: Pedagogy of Music Theory and Comprehensive Musicianship


Kaysie Seitz Brown DANC 2365: Dance for Children

Dr. Gina Tarver ARTH 3301: History of Modern Art

                         ARTH 4321M: Politics and Art


LeAnne Smith DAN 3367: Performance Workshop


Dr. Cassandra LeClair-Underberg COMM 3326: Family Communication

Dr. Greg White TH 3322: History of Musical Theatre

Dr. John Fleming TH 3320: History of the Theatre I*

                            TH 3321: History of the Theatre II*

Dr. Sandra Mayo TH 5365: Backgrounds of Modern Drama*

                            TH 5369: Contemporary World Theatre*

Dr. Anastasia Easterday ART 2313: Introduction to Fine Arts*

Dr. Darryl Patrick ART 2313: Introduction to Fine Arts*

Kaysie Seitz Brown DAN 2313: Introduction to Fine Arts*

Morris Nelms MU 2313: Introduction to Fine Arts*

Dr. Ian Bruce Davidson MU 2313: Introduction to Fine Arts*

Richard Hall MU 2313: Introduction to Fine Arts*

Dr. Naymond Thomas MU 2313: Introduction to Fine Arts*

Dr. Susanne Shawyer TH 2313: Introduction to Fine Arts*


Dr. Kate Pierce MC 4308: Women and Minorities in the Media

Michelle Nance DAN 4368: Dance History Primitive to Middle Ages

Dr. Mary Ellen Cavitt MU 3269: Current Trends in Music II


Nadine Mozon TH 1364: Beginning Acting

Richard Hall MU 2313: Introduction to the Fine Arts

Morris Nelms MU 2313: Introduction to the Fine Arts


Freddie Mendoza MU 3333: Jazz Improvisation I

                             MU 3234: Jazz Improvisation II

Dr. Steven Beebe COMM 1310: Fundamentals of Human Communication*


Dr. Laurie Fluker MC 1301: Introduction to Mass Communication

Kymberly Fox MC 1313: Writing for the Mass Media

David Nolan MC 2319: Visual Communication

College of Health Professions


Rahul Chakraborty - CDIS 3475/5475 - Speech Science


Dr. Suzanna Dougherty Okere PT 7231 - Anatomy II - Spine

Dr. Celeste Domsch CDIS 5334 - Articulation and Phonological Disorders

Ms. Kim Murphy Abdouch HIM 4390 - Contemporary Leadership Principles


Dr. Maria Diana Gonzales CDIS 5301: Advanced Independent Study in Second Language and Acquisition


Dr. Maria Resendiz CDIS 1331: Introduction to Communication Disorders

Dr. Tondra Moore HA 3315: Healthcare Administration History, Culture and Language

Clarissa Rodriguez CDIS 1331: Introduction to Communication Disorders*


Dr. Alisha Richmond CDIS 3462/5462: The Remediation of Articulatory and Phonological Disorders

Dr. Tina Fields HA 4320: Seminar in Healthcare Administration


Dr. Valarie Fleming CDIS 5342: Aphasia and Related Disorders


Dr. Frances Burns CDIS 5333: Advanced Study in Language Disorders


Dr. Philippa Strelitz HA 4302: Managed Care Organization and Administration

Lori Stiritz CDIS 4370: Aural Rehabilitation*

                 CDIS 4420: Introduction to Audiology CDIS 5321: Clinical Practicum Audiology*


Sue Biedermann HIM 4390: Health Information Management

College of Liberal Arts


Rachel Romero SOCI 3350 - Men, Women, and Societies

Robert W. Fischer PHIL 1320 - Ethics

Jayce Farmer POSI 3328 - Public Finance Administration

Lindy Kosmitis ENGL 3311 - Writing for Healing


Dr. Elizabeth Bishop HIST 2312: World Civilization from the 17th Century


Mrs. Deirdre Lannon HIST 3000: America's History in Song

Dr. Daniel J. Price ENG 3303: Technical Writing

Dr. Kyong Hee Chee SOCI 3383: Aging and Society


Dr. Octavio Pimentel ENG 3303: Technical Writing

Dr. Thomas Longoria POSI 4314/5315: Organization Theory and Public Personnel Administration


Christopher Marquiss ENG 3345/5435: Southwestern Studies I: Defining the Region

Dr. Caroline Jones ENG 3386: Adolescent Literature


Dr. Audwin Anderson SOCI 3344: Sociology of Law

Chad Hammett ENG 2320: British Literature after 1785

Dr. Deborah Harris SOCI 3324: Social Stratification

                               SOCI 4309: Qualitative Research Methods

Nancy Wilson ENG 3311: Advanced Reading and Writing

Dr. Brock Brown GEO 3310: Urban Geography*

Dr. Arnold Leder POSI 4328: The Holocaust*

Dr. Dale Hudson ENG 3301: Critical Theory and Practice for English Majors*

                           ENG 5384: Critical Theory*


Dr. Rebecca Montgomery HIST 1310: History of the United States to 1877

                                          HIST 1320 History of the United States 1877 to Present

Kay Newling SOCI 3307: Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences

Dr. Graeme Wend-Walker ENG 3385: Children’s Literature

Dr. Arnold Leder POSI 1308: Basic Political Ideas*

Dr. Priscilla Leder ENG 2359: American Literature before 1865*


Jon Marc Smith, M.F.A. ENG 3315: Intro to Creative Writing

Dr. Patricia Evans ENG 3322: The European Novel

Dr. Susan Day SOC 1310: Intro to Sociology

Steve Wilson ENG 2360: American Literature since 1865*

Dr. John Blair ENG 2360: American Literature since 1865*

Nancy Wilson ENG 3301: Literature and the Contemporary Reader*

Dr. Susan Morrison ENG 3311: Special Topic: Writing about Travel and Culture*

                                ENG 3341: Studies in World Literature ENG 5324: Studies in Genre*

                                ENG 5353: The Body in Medieval Literature: Purity, Filth and Gender*

                                ENG 5353: Medieval Pilgrimage Literature*

                                ENG 5353.001: Medieval Women Writers*

                                ENG 5353: Pilgrimage Poetics and Excremental Vision*

                                ENG 5353: Anglo-Saxon Language, Literature and Culture*

                                ENG 5395: Special Topic: Writing about Travel and Culture*

Dr. Robert Tally ENG 2359: American Literature before 1865*


Dr. Roger Jones ENG 3347: American Poetry

Dr. Gloria Martinez SOCI 3363: Medical Sociology

SOCI 5363: Medical Sociology

Steve Wilson ENG 3322: The European Novel

Susan Beebe ENG 1310: College Writing I*

                       ENG 1320: College Writing II*

                       ENG 2330: World Literature before 1600*

                       ENG 2340: World Literature since 1600*

Dr. Rebecca Raphael REL 1310: Introduction to Religious Studies*

                                   REL 3364: Western Religions*

                                   REL 3366: Advanced Studies in Western Religions*

Steve Wilson ENG 2359: American Literature before 1865*


Dr. Brandon Valeriano POSI 2322: Introduction to International Relations

Dr. Valentina Glajar GER 3370: German Civilization

College of Science and Engineering


Bryan Nankervis MATH 4311 - Introducation to the History of Mathematics


Maureen Lemke GS 3310 – General Science I


Dr. Bahram Asianbanpour MFGE 4363: Concurrent Process Engineering


Dr. Samuel Obara Math 2312: Informal Geometry


Dr. Linette Watkins CHEM 4385/5385: Metabolism


Dr. Daniela Ferrero MATH 2358: Discrete Mathematics I


Dr. Selina Vasquez MATH 4302: Principles of Mathematics II*


Dr. Dana Garcia BIO: 4300/ 5300 Neurobiology


Dr. Heather Galloway PHYS 1310: Elementary Physics I


Dr. Debra Feakes CHEM 3395: Principles of Biochemistry*

University College


Dana Holmes US 1100: University Seminar

Michael Noll US 1100: University Seminar


Sarah Uphoff US 1100: University Seminar


Jonnie Wilson US 1100: University Seminar

Dr. Stella Silva US 1100: University Seminar


Peter Ingwersen US 1100: University Seminar

Dr. Carol Dochen US 1100: University Seminar


Mario Molina, M.P.A. US 1100: University Seminar

Peter Ingwersen US 1100: University Seminar*


Dr. Debra Feakes US 1100: University Seminar for Chemistry and Biochemistry Majors*

Honors College


Susan Signe Morrison HON 3394 - Introduction to Humanities: Laws and the Individual


Mrs. Laura Ellis-Lai   HON 3395X – Writing Yourself into Academia with Portraiture


Dr. Catherine Hawkins HON 3394V: Universal Human Rights: A Global Perspective


John Hood HON 3395K: The World’s a Stage: Dramatic Glimpses of the Human Condition and Temporary Issues

Dr. Janet Riola Hale BLAW 2361: Honors Business Law*


Dr. Lijun Yuan HON 3393Y: Ethics of Care: East and West