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Undergraduate Minor in Diversity Studies

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Perspectives that recover the history and creative expressions previously excluded by the traditional approaches to higher education. The minor fosters development of self, voice, and moral vision to prepare students to live and work effectively in a pluralistic society. Although not required, the minor currently offers students the option of concentrating in a special topics area. The special topics include: African American, American Indian, or Latino American Studies, and Latinos and the Media. Students may also explore issues related to religion, age, sexual orientation, and physical ability and disability. Using the courses available students may design a special focus based on their interest or career path.

The required core course, DVST 3301: Introduction to Diversity Studies offers a general, multi-disciplinary and comparative survey.

The 3-course general requirement block: This area is meant for courses that focus specially on issues related to American ethnic groups and their country of origin, women and gender issues, sexual orientation, religion, age, and ability/disability issues. Related diversity topics may be substituted with permission from the Director.

Approved General Requirement electives include:

ANTH 3314 – Latin American Cultures HIST 3369Y – Black Women and Black Protest in America
*ANTH 3322 – Peoples and Cultures of Africa HIST 4318J – The Arab-Israeli Wars
ANTH 3324 – Mexican American Culture HIST 4325 – Islamic History to 1798
ANTH 3332 – Myths and Moundbuilders HIST 4350N – 20th Century Middle East: Syria, Iraq, and Palestine
ANTH 3333 – North American Indians HIST 4371 – Introduction to American Indian History
ANTH 3334 – Indians of the Southwest HIST 4372 – Mexican American History
ANTH 3345 – Archeology of Mexico HIST 4375B – African American Experience in Texas
ANTH 3350 – Gender and Sexuality in Cross-cultural Perspective *MC 4308 – Women and Minorities in the Media
CJ 4326 - Women and Criminal Justice MC 4310 – International Communication
ENGL 3331– Literature of Black America  *MC 4319 – Latinas/ Latinos and Media
ENGL 3344 – Chicano/ a Narrative and Social History MU 3375 – Jazz History
ENGL 3388 – Women and Literature PHIL 4372 – Latin American Philosophy
*GEO 3308 – Latin America POSI 4331 – Minority Politics
GEO 3329 – Geography of Texas POSI 3395 – Ethnicity and Nation Building
GEO 3353 – American Ethnic Geography REL 1300 – World Religions
HIST 3310 – History of Europe, 1815-1919 SPAN 3305 – Survey of Spanish-American Literature
HIST 3311 – History of Europe Since 1919 SPAN 3306 – Survey of Spanish-American Literature
HIST 3320 – History of Mexico SPAN 3371 – Spanish-American Civilization
HIST 3329 – Spanish Borderlands, 1521-1821 *SPAN 4330 – The Spanish-American Novel
HIST 3359 – African-American History SPAN 4370 – Hispanic Literature of the Southwest: Space and Images
HIST 3369Z – Immigration and Ethnicity SOCI 3350 – Men, Women, and Societies
HIST 3372 – Texas History: A Survey WS 3376 – Images of Women
*HIST 3373 – Special Topics in American Women’s History

The 2-course general concepts block deals more broadly with concepts of diversity and need not be limited to the topics listed above. These courses provide a theoretical framework for understanding comparative, interdisciplinary approaches to the study of diversity. Related diversity topics may be substituted here also.

Approved General Concepts electives include:

ANTH 3301 – Principles of Cultural Anthropology HIST    3380 –   The Desegregation of the South
ANTH 3309 – Cultures through Film HIST    4337 –  Germany and National Socialism, 1918-1945
ANTH 1312 (ANTH 2351) – Cultural Anthropology HIST    4376 –  History of Texas Music
ARTH 4301 –  Issues in Contemporary Art HON    3392E – Silver Screen Texas
COMM 3318M – Intercultural Communication in the Americas MC       4308 –  Women and Minorities in the Media
COMM 3329 – Intercultural Communication POSI    3319 –   Metropolital Politics
COMM 4322 – Rhetoric of Protest Movements POSI    3395 –   Ethnicity and Nation Building
ENG 3345 – Southwestern Studies I: Defining the Region PSY      3334 –  Psychology of Human Diversity
ENG 3346 – Southwestern Studies II: Consequences of Region SOWK 4310 –  Social Services to Minorities
FCS 4351 – Cultural Diversity of Families SOCI    3327 –  Multicultural Relations
HIST 3375A – American Labor History, 1877-1945 SOCI    3366 –  Folkways and Folklore: An Introduction
HIST    3372 –  Texas History: A Survey SPAN   4330 –  The Spanish-American Novel
HIST    3375A – American Labor History, 1877-1945  

*Special topic course. Special topics courses (those offered on a selective basis) may count toward the minor with permission from the Director of the Center for Diversity and Gender Studies and the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts.

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