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Undergraduate Minor in Diversity Studies

The 18-hour minor provides for an interdisciplinary approach to Diversity Studies. It also provides conceptual frameworks for exploring new perspectives which recover the history and creative expressions previously excluded by the traditional approaches to higher education. The minor fosters students development of self, voice, and moral vision to prepare them to live and work effectively in a pluralistic society. Although not required, the minor currently offers students the option of a concentration in African America, American Indian/Native American or Latino American Studies. Students may also explore issues related to religion, age, sexual orientation, and physical ability and disability.

Undergraduate Minor in Women’s Studies

An 18-hour program which concentrates on the images and realities of women. Drawing on recent scholarship on women and gender, the Women's Studies minor provides a flexible, coherent program that enables students to consider the significance of gender.

For more information, contact:

Dr. Audwin Anderson, Director
Center for Diversity and Gender Studies UAC #478
Texas State University
601 University Drive
PHONE (512) 245-2361

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