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Graduate Minor in Women’s and Gender Studies

(Brochure Excerpt)

In addition to the undergraduate minor in Women’s Studies, Texas State University offers a nine to fifteen hour minor at the graduate level in Women and Gender Studies. The core, like the undergraduate program, is a multi-disciplinary concentration on the images and realities of women. The courses allow graduate students to explore the recent research in the discipline in progress around literature across numerous disciplines. The minor is a valuable specialty that will help students to prepare for their personal and professional lives. It is a flexible complement for most graduate disciplines.

The two required courses for the minor include WS 5376: Images of Women and WS 5377: Realities of Women. They examine the images of women that are prevalent in Western culture (with examples being drawn from films, literature, visual arts, and popular music) as well as those topics and issues related to the realities of women’s lives.

The approved electives include:***

ANTH 5324 – Mexican American Culture *ENG 5368 – Studies in Victorian Prose
ANTH 5350 – Gender and Sexuality in Cross Cultural Perspective *ENG 5388 – Studies in Literature for Children or Adolescents *
ANTH 5354 Latin American Gender and Sexuality ENGL 5395 –Problems in Language and Literature
**COMM 5325 – Seminar in Human Communication Theory HIST 5366A – Women in Antebellum America
*COMM 5342 – Historical Rhetoric and Social Influence *PHIL 5301 – Applied Philosophy
*COMM 5356 – Gender and Communication PHIL 5325 – Philosophy of Sex and Love*PHIL 5388 – Problems in Philosophy
DVST 5310 – Diversity Studies: Theories and Issues *SOCI 5337 – Seminar in the Family
*ENG 5321 – Contemporary Fiction SOCI 5350 - Seminar on the Sociology of Gender
*ENG 5331 – Studies in American Poetry *SPAN 5310 – Topics in Hispanic Literature
*ENG 5332 – Studies in American Prose SPAN 5390 - Studies in Spanish Culture, Language, or Literature (Independent Study)
*ENG 5364 – Studies in the Romantic Movement WS 5388 - Independent Research in Women and Gender Studies
*ENG 5366 – Studies in Victorian Poetry  

 *Denotes a topics course. Topics courses are offered on a selective basis and may count toward the minor with permission from the Director of the Center for Diversity and Gender Studies and the Dean of the Graduate College.
** This course is for communications majors only.
*** Students may also request permission to stack an undergraduate women’s studies course as a graduate course; this option must be approved on a case-by-case basis by the department chair and Director of the Center for Diversity and Gender Studies.

2013 Fall Courses:

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Images of Women




2014 Spring Courses:

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WS 3377/5377 Realities of Women, course description


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