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Graduate Minor in Diversity Studies

(Brochure Excerpt)

The diversity studies minor offers an interdisciplinary, nine- to 15-hour program that encourages students to increase their knowledge of their own culture and diverse groups and cultures in the United States and our global society. The diversity study minor includes critical theories on the intersection of race, gender and class. In addition, issues related to sexual orientation, ethnic identity and physical ability/ disability are analyzed.

Required Courses

  • DVST 5310 Diversity Studies: Theories and Issues
  • DVST 5320 Global Issues in Diversity

Prescribed Electives

  • ANTH 5314 Latin American Cultures
  • ANTH 5322 People and Cultures of Sub- Saharan Africa
  • ANTH 5324 Mexican American Culture
  • ANTH 5331 Indians of the Southwest
  • ANTH 5350 Gender and Sexuality in Cross-Cultural Perspective
  • ANTH 5354 Latin American Gender and Sexuality
  • CI 5319 Social, Emotional, and Cultural Contexts of Advanced Development
  • CI 5330 Multicultural Teaching and Learning
  • CI 5388 The Politics of Language
  • RDG 5350 Literacy as Sociocultural Practice
  • CJ 5380 Race, Class and Crime
  • COMM 5325 Seminar in Human Communication
  • COMM 5356 Communication and Gender
  • ENG 5300 Language Problems in Multicultural Environment
  • ENG 5317 Specializations in Rhetoric and Composition
  • ENG 5383 Studies in Rhetorical Theory
  • ENG 5395 Problems in Language and Literature
  • HIST 5314 Ethnohistory
  • HIST 5315A American Sexualities
  • HIST 5315B Queer History: GLBT Histories in the United States
  • HIST 5316A Women’s Right in Comparative Perspective
  • HIST 5316B Women and Empire
  • HIST 5323A Society and Cultural in Brazil
  • HIST 5324B Class and Society in Latin America
  • HIST 5324C Slavery and Emancipation in the Americans
  • HIST 5325 History in Mexico
  • HIST 5345J Popular Music and Social Movements in 20th Century America
  • HIST 5340O Immigration and Ethnicity in American History
  • HIST 5345Q Women and Citizenship
  • HIST 5346 African American History
  • HIST 5351C Race, Gender and Ethnicity in American Labor History