Message from the President

On behalf of the members of the Texas State Coalition of Black Faculty and Staff (The Coalition), I would like to send greetings to you and trust that our web page will provide a brief description and other viable information about our organization.

Our goals include:

1) Support and influence the mission, vision and goals of Texas State.
2) Be committed to the educational process of all Texas State students.
3) To actively participate in the recruitment, retention and graduation of African-American students.
4) To actively participate in the recruitment, retention and upward mobility of African-American faculty and staff at the university.

We desire to work in and affect the university community in a positive manner, to foster a climate of true collaboration and inclusion and to partner with both internal and external individuals and organizations to accomplish our goals.

It is a well known fact that the formal and informal mentoring relationships established by members of the Coalition provide an exceptionally strong support system for our African-American students. The retention rate for Texas State African-American students has been the highest among all ethnic groups as it continuously ranges between 86% and 90%.

The university is in the midst of a strategic planning process and two major initiatives, “Closing the Gaps and becoming a Hispanic Serving Institution” will have significant effects on the minority population of Texas State. An identified area in need of targeted focus is the recruitment and retention of more African-American faculty and staff (but particularly faculty). We celebrated the appointment of our new University President, Dr. Denise M. Trauth, and we are encouraged by her message of collaborative inclusion and commitment to a diverse university.

The Coalition will be actively involved with our students, student organizations and colleagues to help guide the change that will result in Texas State being identified as a place where any African-American would feel welcome. So welcome to our webpage and if you have specific questions please e-mail me at



Jackie Cooper


Sallie Miller
Residence Life


Tamara Clunis