Coaltion of Black Faculty and Staff

Minutes for October 8, 2003

Present were Dr. Sandra Mayo, Ms. Cassandra Joseph, Ms. Angela Ausbrooks, Mr. Willie Burleson, and James Mathews.

Vision:            To promote togetherness, develop a strong unified body, and gain recognition within the Texas State and surrounding community.  Empower and encourage other faculty and staff to be about the coalition.


Discussion Items

Due to the number of key people absent from this meeting, we were not able to intelligently discuss many of the items on the agenda; however, we did share the following information.


Dr. Sandra Mayo shared with us the issues being discussed in the Access and Equity Committee.  The main issue is how to distribute money that has been set aside for issues concerning diversity.  Is the money there?  How much is there?  The next meeting for this committee is October 30th.  Hopefully we will have some answers then.


James Mathews stated that the African American Leadership Conference was a success.  Many members from the faculty and staff participated this year, and student attendance was very good.  Beverly Woodson Day did a great job and deserves recognition from the coalition.  We know that other staff members were instrumental in making this conference worth of our praise, and we want to thank them as well (we will not call names for fear of leaving someone out).


Dues and Membership

Just for the record, everyone present at this meeting paid her/his dues.  James informed everyone about the possibility of having money deducted from her/his payroll check and earmarked for the Coalition.  By having the money deducted from your check, you will never be behind in your dues, and besides, this way it is tax deductible.


Future Meetings

We know that it will be almost impossible to find a meeting time that is convenient for everyone to attend.  At our last meeting we discussed the possibility of meeting at the same time but rotating the days from Monday/Wednesday to Tuesday/Thursday and vise versa, hoping to get as many people present as possible.  Very few people wanted to meet during lunch hours; therefore, we will meet at 3:00pm on days to be designated by the president.  The days for the remainder of this semester are:


Thursday, November 6th           3:00pm Location TBA

Wednesday, December 3rd       3:00pm Location TBA


Please email James and let him know if we need to meet to discuss other issues at a called time and place.  One concern is homecoming (October 18th).  Please email James your suggestions about what the coalition can do during this period to welcome back former students and coalition members.  Please do this ASAP, so if we need to meet, we will have time. We do have some money in the treasure to have “something.”



Go to the coalition website at and take a look.  Thanks to Becky Woodson, we have a great opportunity to keep each other posted about our various activities.  Please email Becky about any projects or assignments you are working on that deserve our attention (Don’t be bashful about this, because others tell all, and get compensated for things you may take for granted).


Provost Position Update

We have two members, Dr. Sandra Mayo and Dr. Joanne Smith, on the search committee.  I know that they will keep us posted.  Dr. Mayo encouraged everyone at the meeting to get people we know who are qualified to apply for this position.  If we don’t apply, we won’t get the job.



                        Everyone present at this meeting was encouraged to get involved in TABPHE.


The Coalition Needs You!!!!