Coalition of Black Faculty and Staff

Minutes for November 6, 2003



Present were:    Jonnie Wilson, Angela Ausbrooks, Dr. Sherri Benn, Terence Parker, Michael Corke, Dr. Rod Fluker, Willie Burleson, and James Mathews.


Vision:            To promote togetherness, develop a strong unified body, and gain recognition within Texas State and the surrounding community, and to empower and encourage other faculty and staff to be about the coalition.


Agenda Items:




Everyone present stated their name and department.  The ones present were:

                        Jonnie Wilson               MSA

                        Angela Ausbrooks        Social Work

                        Dr. Sherri Benn            MSA

                        Terence Parker CASO

                        Michael Corke             Campus Rec.

                        Dr. Rod Fluker Dean of Students

                        Willie Burleson Supervisor-Emergency Maintenance

                        James Mathews            Student Learning Assistance Center



Welcome to New Members


The one new person at the meeting was Dr. Rod Fluker who has been on campus for approximately two days as the new Assistant Dean of Students.  We know that there are others on campus who have been hired recently who are not part of the Coalition, and we wanted to find a way to get everyone involved.  It was suggested that we form a hospitality committee to contact new African American employees to make them aware of the coalition.  Ms. Angela Ausbrooks has agreed to chair this committee. 


We will make efforts to get a copy of our latest newsletter put into the new employee packets at “New Employee Orientation.”  However, our ultimate goal is to reach each employee face-to-face and give them an invitation to our activities.



Plans for New Projects


Jonnie Wilson informed us that she and Dr. Joanna Smith were working on plans for the new employee welcome ceremony.  The ceremony is planned for sometime in December because everyone is extremely busy right now.  An announcement will be sent out later with the details.


Dr. Sherri Benn will arrange a meeting between the coalition and Dr. Studer concerning current diversity issues at Texas State.  The time and place of this meeting will be forthcoming.


James Mathews will arrange a meeting between the coalition and the Hispanic Policy Network (HPN) to determine similar concerns and issues.  This meeting can be very informative because of the current initiative to make Texas State UniversitySan Marcos a “Hispanic Serving Institution.” 


We will let you know when the dates and times of these meetings become available; please mark your calendars to make sure that we represent at these meetings in big numbers. 


It was announced that Dr. Laurie Fluker would be returning to campus in January.  This was very good news; however, the coalition cannot sit back and allow the type of things that happened to her continue to happen to others at Texas State.



What’s Happening In Your Area?


James C. Mathews—James is still working on a pilot academic virtual mentoring program at Texas State.  He will let you know what the outcome is when the semester is over.  Also, he is working on the improvement of the “Student Academic Support Programs” (SASP).  We are working on getting bookmarks that contain the telephone numbers and email addresses of every academic support program on campus.  Be sure to ask for these bookmarks to be passed out in your offices.


Ms. Jonnie Wilson—Jonnie announced that applications are due next week for students to attend the Big 12 Black Students Leadership Conference to be held at Kansas State University.  Many prominent Black leaders will be present.  The trip is free.  Our students will have the opportunity to exchange and share ideas with other students from predominantly white universities.  Approximately 1000 students are expected to attend.


Ms. Wilson is in the process of making plans for MLK day in January and Black History month in February.  Anyone wishing to assist can contact Ms. Wilson at the MSA office.


Mr. Willie Burleson—Willie informed us that the Director of Risk Management and Safety was fired.  This was a black man that he feels was treated unfairly.  Mr. Terence Parker stated that this type of thing must stop because it hurts us with recruiting and retention of African Americans.


Ms. Angela Ausbrooks—Angela informed us that the School of Social Work was planning a Racial Harmony Day for January 23, 2004 at UPAC.  There will be a seminar series, and panel discussions.  Some hot topics will be discussed.  Bi-racial students will share their experiences; many others will discuss hate crimes and hate groups.


Dr. Dexter Freeman is a new member of the faculty at the School of Social Work.  If and when the opportunity presents itself, let’s give him a warm Texas State welcome.


Dr. Sherri Benn—Sherri had to leave the meeting early.  She did agree to contact Dr. Studer to arrange a meeting with the coalition to discuss the latest issues about diversity.  Also, Sherri will chair the Nominating Committee for new officers for 2004.  Terence Parker agreed to assist her.  She may be contacting you for your assistance in this matter. 


Mr. Terence Parker—Terence did not have anything to report.


Mr. Michael Corke—Michael did not have anything to report.


Dr. Rod Fluker—Rod stated that he was glad to be on campus.  He also expressed his interest in recreating the new directory of black faculty and staff, and for this directory to include the HPN.  This will be a great undertaking, but we all agreed that this would be something helpful to our students, faculty and staff, and the community. 


Rod also expressed his appreciation for the concern from the coalition during Dr. Laurie Fluker’s issues with the university.  He stated that it is important to continue to let the university know that we are watching their actions in matters like this.


**By the way, Dr. Laurie Fluker is returning to Texas State in January.



New Business


James mentioned that Dana Smith had put together a portfolio of struggles when coming to Southwest Texas Teachers’ college.  He will meet with the history department to see if they can make the portfolio available to students in particular history classes.


We have $900.00+ in our treasure.  We need to start thinking of ways we can become more visible on campus, and if necessary, we do have some funds to begin our endeavor.



New Officers


Dr. Sherri Benn will chair the nominating committee for electing officers for the 2004 school year.  If you are interested in running for office or would like to nominate someone, please contact her or Mr. Terence Parker.